Sunday, May 15, 2016

Water on Mars

"Report: GOP mega-donor Adelson to give Trump up to $100 million"

"Imperial Designs? Current US Ambassador to Brazil Served in Paraguay Prior to 2012 Coup"

"Christians in Iraq Baffled at How U.S. “Can Find Water on Mars”, Yet “Unable to Spot ISIS in the Desert”"

"CIA: Undermining and Nazifying Ukraine Since 1953" (Madsen)

"Chicago Election Official Admits “Numbers Didn’t Match”: Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders Election Fraud Allegations":
". . . the entirety of the citizen monitoring discussion takes place after the BoE has already pulled a fast one to certify the election results without allowing time for objections from those who showed up to do just that . . .  You can see her visibly exhale in relief, as they have just certified the results and the public has not realized Special meeting is started (but they have already accepted the results). The entire rest of the video is essentially meaningless and just putting on a show for the public to air grievances with no legal recourse available. Really wish we could fix it, bureaucracy is bullshit. It’s all certified legally official before 2 minutes into the video."
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