Thursday, June 30, 2016

Adnan Syed

New trial!

A confederacy of lampreys

Strikingly odd election result in Spain, outside the Zeitgeist, isn't so odd after all:  "Allegations of Vote Fraud Emerge in Spain".  You don't have a democracy if you don't hand count paper ballots in front of scrutineers.

"The truth behind the Labour coup, when it really began and who manufactured it (EXCLUSIVE)".  Formal structure.  Dirty details:  "Brexit — the shockwaves continue: UKIP rising as Labour heads toward oblivion, Israel Lobby emerges triumphant":
"The latest ongoing episode of this farce involves the choreographed mass resignation of dozens of shadow cabinet ministers and front bench MPs in an effort to shame Corbyn into resigning.  It is a strategy that has been months in the planning  and although the resignations include various Jewish MPs and friends of Israel stooges, two other senior figures offstage seem to have played prominent roles in planning the coup.
One is a veteran labour politician called Lady Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer), who was one of the wealthiest Labour MPs in Parliament and a staunch Friend of Israel. Hodge is a keen supporter of ethnic cleansing and not just in Israel.  When the White working class in the London constituency of Barking and Dagenham rose up by voting in nationalist BNP councillors it was Hodge who led the suppression of the rebellion with the Labour Party pouring money and supporters into the area. Since then the constituency has been flooded with even more asylum seekers from Africa and the Middle East and the remaining White community has shrunk rapidly. It was widely seen as a punishment.
The second alleged conspirator is a Israel lobbyist called Jeremy Newmark who is the chairperson of the Jewish Labour Movement which is affiliated not only to the British Labour Party but the Israeli Labour Party and the World Zionist Organisation. He has been described as being “at the forefront of the current witch hunt” and has a track record of lobbying against Palestinian supporter groups and attacking BDS initiatives.  He is a former chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council."

"Killing Corbyn"

"The Neoliberal Prison: Brexit Hysteria and the Liberal Mind"

Tweet (Joe //):
"A few things to remember about Angela Eagle, as pointed out by /r/LabourUK."

"After the European referendum campaign, Jeremy Corbyn needs to go".  Amazing in the clarity of the statement that it is democracy to ignore what party members want.

Ho-hum, Head Jew supports Warmonger-in-Chief:  "Noam Chomsky, John Halle and a Confederacy of Lampreys: a Note on Lesser Evil Voting" by Jeffrey St. Clair.  Some great dissing in last two paragraphs.

"It's tempting to wonder if there's some cointelpro-style attack going on. Realistically, we likely do have the attention of governments who are well-funded to attack us. But first, this really doesn't look like a cointelpro op. The complaints come from people both inside and outside the Tor community, and I know some of them. And second, in this case it really doesn't matter. It's no excuse for not taking responsibility for our actions. Tor, and our broader freedom movement, are about communities, and about how we want to interact with each
other. Let's handle this situation as an example of how we want to do it right."
"David Chasteen Timeline".
"Harvard scholar calls for US-Israel treaty to ‘lock in’ special relationship before young Democrats end the romance"

Black Misleadership Class to the rescue (I smell shekels):  "Clinton marshals African-American surrogates against BDS to stop pro-Palestinian influence ‘in the public narrative’"  "Black AIPAC activist working to undermine Cornel West on Palestine"

"International House Negroes Defend European Union"

"Eisoptrophobia".  I was struck by the phrase "killing Muslims and stealing their land", which is what happens every day and is never stated.  Of course, the huge mystery for Americans is why Muslims might have reason to be angry about anything, given the complete lack of any mention of the Wars For The Jews.

The big issue of our time:  "Firing the Elites".  Corbyn, Brexit, de-Corbyn, Trump . . .

"This Zionist group has been harassing me and leveling false accusations against me".  I've got exactly zero sympathy for the havingitbothwaysism of the polite credentialed classes, including Mr. Angry.

"Trading Places: Neocons and Cockroaches".  It is amazing what you can call Jews if you pick the right euphemism.  If Martians came down to earth they would be confused by our convoluted and twisted customs and covert rules around truth speaking.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Diseased personality

"Green Party of Canada calls to revoke Jewish National Fund charitable status"  Anybody taking on Big Jew should automatically receive the country's highest medal for bravery.

"Why the PQ isn’t so eager to celebrate the Brexit vote".  Not an inspiring model!

"European Parliament Plans To Remove English As An Official Language"  Now nobody will be able to understand anybody else, which can only help, right?

"Did the UK Independent actually say democracy isn’t working?"

Dangerous, if obvious, thinking:  "Is Brexit the Start of the Next European Revolution?"

"1.5 km. to the Castello Road ..."  We might be on the cusp of one of the greatest anti-barbarian victories in human history.

Tweet (((Lord Sugar))) (aka 'Mop Head'):
"Bloody hell @jeremycorbyn go you are not wanted. You're destroying the Labour party you're not a statesman. Can't imagine you as PM."

"Stand With Jeremy Corbyn"

"Trumping Hillary: The Same Old Pol-Mil Game"  On the arrival of the shekels to the Trump campaign.

"Theory of ‘Conspiracy Theorists’".  We don't have to win over everybody to a realistic view of the world.  As we've just seen in Brexit, about 5% enlightenment will do it.  We're very, very close.

"Journal 6.26.2016 Brexit to ISIS".  'Not gay' is a rather clumsy FBI PR campaign, so 'not gay' is an vital part of the Official Story:  "The FBI Is Anonymously Calling LGBT Witnesses 'Not Credible'".  It is still highly possible that Mateen was a victim in the club, a pure patsy.  Note the weird timeline.

"The Sailors of the USS Liberty: They, Too, Deserve to Be Honored".  Martyrs in the war we are all in, whether we know it or not.

"Dershowitz approves Clinton’s ‘muscular foreign policy,’ and Sen. Warren is a ‘surprising Israel hawk’".  Warren is making a fool of herself applying for the VP job.

Hardly worth mentioning:  "‘NYT’ reporter who gave us Saddam’s aluminum tubes summers at neoconservative thinktank"

You have to ask yourself what you would do if you encountered a political savior with perfect policies but also with some horrible deformity, perhaps he has short fingers, or is a dwarf, or is - gasp! - gay:  "He has parts of a platform that could be formidable if not for his diseased personality, instability & scummy past."

"Full transcript: Donald Trump's jobs plan speech".  (((Media))) coverage:  "Donald Trump Trashed Paul Ryan's Trade Deal in Front of a Wall of Garbage".

"Hillary Clinton Offers Student Debt Deferral to Those Who Need it Most: Startup-Launching Americans".  To be fair, snark from the same source.  Is Hillary now so confident that she doesn't care about the optics of leading a party that revels in the fact that it only represents the interests of the credentialed classes?

"Is Common-Sense Public Policy Necessarily “Innovative”?"  It is amazing just how simple and easy a lot of the earth-shatteringly real progressive policies are.  You could throw ending the 'war on drugs' into the mix.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Now I think it is fair to say we have seen everything.

"One Reason For #Brexit - Blairite Wannabe "Elite" Disdains Their Party Members"  Chilcotophobia.

The rebels are going to need a new party to go to.  What will they call it?  Labour Fiends of Israel?  The Blair Which? Project?  The Conservative Party?

In their constant quest to provide full employment for the people of Britain, 172 jobs just opened up in the Labour Party.

Tweet (Charles B. Anthony):
"BREAKING: Parliamentary Labour Party lose vote of confidence 250,000 - 172"

Tweet (DPRK News Service) (another view):
"Purge of Jeremy Corbyn heartens true English socialists to embrace Juche Idea, imprison class enemies, and declare war on United States."

Fat pilots

"The Magnitsky Hoax?":
"In conclusion, Nekrasov believes there was indeed a huge fraud related to Russian taxes but that it was not carried out by corrupt officials. Instead, it was deliberately ordered and engineered by Browder with Magnitsky, the accountant, personally developing and implementing the scheme used to carry out the deception."
Tweet (Robert Faturechi) !:
 "This is not necessarily corrupt, according to SCOTUS"
Nazis have a truer sense of morality than soldiers ("the lovely Maureen").  Good comment though.

I think it is called rake's progress:  "Arms industry promoter latest recruit for UK Israel lobby"

Fat pilots wanted:  "The F-35 may be about to face even more delays"

"Democrats try to bury Palestine in middle of the night".  You can't really expect Bernie to put up a fight against the group supremacist interests of his own people.

Ultra-warmongering tweet from Tulsi Gabbard (or, the shekels have arrived!):
"Al-Qaeda attacked us on 9/11 and must be defeated. Obama won’t bomb them in Syria. Putin did. #neverforget911"
Few people noticed that the ridiculous gun sit-in by the Democrats had nothing to do with guns and everything to do with promoting Islamophobia (or, the shekels have arrived!).

"How the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act Complicates Brexit and An Early General Election"

Sorositis:  "Now Britain faces ‘Coloured revolution’ as Soros moves to stop Brexit"

"Do Us A Favour, Red Tories, Of Course It’s A Coup, Of Course It’s Been Planned"  On the attempted Blair-Jew putsch.  Come at the king, you best not miss.  [Added:  I note I have a comment objecting to the link.  Obviously. it is a fundamental rule of the internet that links don't imply endorsement in either direction (just ask Dr Duke!).  I certainly understand how people might think my hyper-realism goes a bit far, sometimes, perhaps, but it is hilarious to see it in this instance, given the prominence of the absurd 'anti-Semitism' slur used against Corbyn in this case.!!!  If Jews want to continue to use the protection of distinguishing Judaism from Zionism they have to stop using the slur to promote Zionist goals.]

It is funny how many lessons for the left are hanging out there, completely obvious, and always missed.  The people don't want a warmed-over conservatism, and they wont vote for a concessionary, cringing party that seems unaware of its own principles.  "Iglesias made the same mistake as Tsipras".

Note how much of the progressive propaganda of Remain rested on the basis that the Euro-trash would somehow protect Britons from the predations of British capitalism.

I'm reminded somehow of The Picture of Dorian Gray:  "Hillary Clinton’s Memoir Deletions, in Detail".  Can you imagine the uproar if Trump had done something like that?

More on the rise of that unease (sometimes known as Jew skepticism):  "Europeans Contest US Anti-Russian Hype".

More of the striking contrast between what Trump actually says and how it is reported by the (((media))):  "Fear and Loathing at the Trump SoHo Hotel: Trump Throws the Republican Oppo File at Clinton"

"Turkey lost lot of credibility over Israel deal: Analyst" (or, the shekels have arrived!).

Kiss public transportation good-bye!:  "Secretive Alphabet division aims to fix public transit in US by shifting control to Google".

Monday, June 27, 2016

Why all the wars?

"It’s Still the Iraq War, Stupid."  You might think various peoples of the world would eventually tire of having World Jewry attempt to lead their politicians around by the nose.  This de-rat-ification of Labour is long overdue.

"How Western Military Interventions Shaped the Brexit Vote".  Ultra-Zionist policies forced on American politicians, and thus on criminally weak-willed and corrupt European bureaucrats, are obviously insane - possibly leading to WWIII, causing the refugee 'crisis', and destroying the lives of millions of people - and people feel very uneasy about it, even as they can't elucidate just what is wrong as blaming the perps is called 'hate speech'.

"The EU was never meant to be a democracy, says Frederick Forsyth".  The Americans, who set things up, didn't think Europeans were smart enough to make such choices, and thus Europe was denied democracy.

"Brexit Is Only the Latest Proof of the Insularity and Failure of Western Establishment Institutions" (Greenwald)

"Do We Really Want War with Russia?"

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Black spot

"Syrian Madness: US Backed Rebels Fight US Special Forces"

""The Greatest Battle" Hassan Nasrallah"

"Guardian Watch: Insults fly in post-Brexit hysteria"

"Brexit and Jewish Oligarchy" (Atzmon) 

"Hello Rapallo! The Inevitability Of The New German Treaty On Economic Cooperation With Russia":
"Secret negotiations have been under way for some time between high German and Russian officials, to which Chancellor Angela Merkel has been excluded. Warned by US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, and in a recent coded communication from outgoing President Barack Obama that she must act to save her authority, and enforce European Union sanctions against Russia, Merkel has also received an ultimatum from her cabinet and party. This was delivered in the form of a page torn out of an Old German bible in which a large black spot had been inked. Either she step aside in secret, Merkel understood the signal, or she will be forced to resign in public."

"Man who claimed to have escaped Auschwitz admits he lied for years"

"The New Censorship".  Google.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Friendship Annex

"Brexit: What Happened Take II".  Pollsters are paid to deliver a result by fooling people into thinking that voting their preferred way would be a waste of time, not to provide 'facts'.  The pollsters failed solely because they failed to deliver the result they were paid for.  That is all there is to it.

They jocoxed Jo Cox for nothing.  In fact, it appears to have backfired.

The Remain and Clintonista arguments are the same - vote for us or all hell will break loose and you will be ruined. This bodes well for Trump, unless he really does not want to win.  The Credentialed 'Expert' Party lost in Britain, and it may well lose in the United States.  The 99% are in such desperation that they have decided that anybody is better than rule by these crooked and incompetent losers.

Clintonista nervousness:  "Trump’s Speech About Hillary Was Terrifyingly Effective".  "Judicial Watch Whines About Pagliano Pleading The Fifth 125 Times As Expected".  I'll bet when they chose the name 'Crooks and Liars' they didn't think it would refer directly to themselves.

"From Iraq to UK Referendum: Tony Blair’s Toxic Legacy".  The perfect rule to life is to be against whatever Bliar is for.

"Britain Must Refuse to Honor the Results of the Brexit Referendum".  Ha!  It appears that the Euro-trash are so butthurt at the perceived rejection that it will luckily not be up to the British politicians.

Grifter Trump is a bit low in the pocketbook, but - hallelujah! - the shekels have arrived:  "Trump Will Not Recognize Palestinian Statehood if elected President".  ((("Trump made Friedman a part of his campaign staff in April, at a meeting with Orthodox Jews, naming him and Jason Greenblatt, another real-estate lawyer and Trump’s chief attorney, as his advisors on Israel.")))

Naked Capitalism seems quite sunny, but there is pure evil moderation going on in favor of their preferred wackadoodle economic orthodoxy.

"Israel lawfare group plans “massive punishments” for activists" "After Brexit, Labour Friend of Israel launches coup against Corbyn".  A silver stake through the heart has historically been the only way to deal with vampires.  Otherwise, they just keep coming back.

"This US City’s Move to Divert Great Lakes Drinking Water Is Just the Beginning".  They want to drain the Great Lakes to deal with the climate change American drought.

"The Brexit vote and CETA"  British voters may have saved Canadians from Canada's crooked politicians.  By the way, The Council of Canadians has long been an exemplary group.

"The World Changed Overnight"  "The Coming End of the EU-USA Military Industrial Complex?"  "The British Vote Isn’t Against Europe – It’s Against The Wars Of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, And Every Serious Newspaper In The World As We Used To Know It".  People still lack the powerful conceptual framework of Wars For The Jews, but they know that something is deeply wrong, and vote accordingly.  Of course, without first past the post, it is very rare for people to be allowed to have a meaningful vote.  This referendum itself was just Cameron's shoddy trick to obtain bargaining position in horse-trading with Europe.

"Electoral reform and the illusion of majority rule".  The Marquis de Condorcet.

"Is the US Pursuing a Rogue Policy by Waging Undeclared War Against Russia?" by Stephen F. Cohen.  "Professor Cohen: Media silencing Trump on New Cold War — He would win if given a fair chance "

"Bot Platforms and the race for Nation-State Advantage"

"E-mails from inside the NSA bureaucracy"

Friday, June 24, 2016

Britons never, never, never shall be slaves

It is rare to see an unambiguous choice against remaining slaves, and we all should celebrate the wisdom and strength and fearlessness - the big argument, as always, by the slave owners is that throwing off your chains will lead to terrifying consequences - of the British people.

"The racists have successfully articulated a broad antiestablishment sentiment - originating in class injuries, regional decline, postindustrial devastation, generational anxieties, etc. - along bigoted, national chauvinist lines."

Getting as far away as possible from the Euro-trash turds circling the bowl is good in and of itself, but the bonuses to freedom have already begun:  "Brexit: David Cameron to quit after UK votes to leave EU".

"Key Brexit Question: Is Cameron the Biggest Liar in History?"  "Jeremy Corbyn calls for Brexit process to begin urgently as Labour MPs call for him to resign".  Step 2 on the freedom train is getting Labour elected to finish the job.  And get a good security detail around Corbyn as World Jewry may try to jocox him.

"Is THIS Why the British Pound Is Getting Decimated After Brexit?"

"Did Trump-Style Islamophobia break up the European Union?"  Islamophobia backfired on World Jewry.  The late revelation that Britain would soon be chock-a-block with Turks, which Cameron was trying to hide, may well have helped put the insanity and decrepitude of the Euro-trash in sharp focus.

And when I say insanity, I mean insanity:  "Putin: ‘We know when US will get new missile threatening Russia’s nuclear capability’".  Is Europe itself going to wake up and throw off its shackles before its utter destruction at the hands of its corrupt and cowardly 'leaders', deep in the pockets of the Zio-Americans?

I know you are never supposed to even think it, but let us not forget that Brexit is a huge victory against the evil forces of World Jewry, who have consistently manipulated the Euro-trash to take tragic - for the people of Europe and the world - steps against Russia, perceived as the main force delaying the building of the Zionist Empire.

I'll just leave this here:  "The Sixty-Million, Part 1"

There's other stuff, though when you think about it, it is all the same big story:
  1. "Tel Aviv Mob Beats Israeli Driver, Mistaking Him for Palestinian Attacker" 
  2. "Wow Even Jennifer Rubin Says GOP Voters 'Lack Common Sense'"
  3. "EXCHANGE: Josh Marshall and Mark Cuban on Donald Trump's Campaign Financing".  Hilarious, as Cuban shoots down every single one of Marshall's Clintonista 'talking points', but Marshall, a national embarrassment, has his head so far up his own ass he publishes it anyway!
  4. "Emails: State Dept. scrambled on trouble on Clinton's server".  Clinton's homemade set-up was so lousy the government had to remove security software in order for it to function, yet they still claim that only the expertise of the Russian government could have hacked it!!!  Note that they had to remove security from the whole department's system in order to get Hil's emails out!!!  "This should trump all other activities."
  5. "The Demonisation of Bashar al Assad"
  6. "Samantha Power, Henry Kissinger & Imperial Delusions"
  7. "Putin: "European Union is Russia's friend. NATO is the problem""
  8. "The National Endowment for Democracy: Not National and Not for Democracy"
  9. "How Severe Is Venezuela’s Crisis?"

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Legalization of panda costumes

With the thesis that Assad is intentionally de-doctoring Syria (!), there is simply no bottom to the well of ridiculous Zionist propaganda:  "The Shadow Doctors" by (((Ben Taub))).  Propaganda mechanics involving 'Hollywood' and final polishing at the Head Office:  "'The Voice' Contestant Used Show Money to Help Fund ISIS Reporting" and "Tiger of the Week: Journalist Ben Taub ’14" ("Taub recently graduated from the M.A. program of the Columbia Journalism School — the New Yorker piece was his thesis — and he will soon be traveling to Jerusalem for a one-month fellowship at the Reuters bureau there.").

Physicians for Human Rights board of directors (((!!!))).  These phony 'human rights' groups (most notoriously, HRW) are always easy to suss out based on the one-sided - American and Zionist imperialist - nature of the areas in which they take an interest.  Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, which isn't bad (and thus is hated for it), isn't connected with Physicians for Human Rights.

"$206 Mn. to Hate Groups to Promote anti-Muslim Sentiment"

"Full transcript: Donald Trump NYC speech on stakes of the election".  Having been installed as part of the Bill Clinton trickery, Trump is now receiving the full Bernie treatment, either ignored completely, or completely lied about and mocked, but he actually says shit like this (I have to say that the Islamophobia damages the intellectual integrity of the message):
  1. "When I see the crumbling roads and bridges, or the dilapidated airports, or the factories moving overseas to Mexico, or to other countries, I know these problems can all be fixed, but not by Hillary Clinton – only by me."
  2. "Everywhere I look, I see the possibilities of what our country could be. But we can’t solve any of these problems by relying on the politicians who created them.

    We will never be able to fix a rigged system by counting on the same people who rigged it in the first place.

    The insiders wrote the rules of the game to keep themselves in power and in the money.

    That’s why we’re asking Bernie Sanders’ voters to join our movement: so together we can fix the system for ALL Americans. Importantly, this includes fixing all of our many disastrous trade deals.

    Because it’s not just the political system that’s rigged. It’s the whole economy.

    It’s rigged by big donors who want to keep down wages.

    It’s rigged by big businesses who want to leave our country, fire our workers, and sell their products back into the U.S. with absolutely no consequences for them.

    It’s rigged by bureaucrats who are trapping kids in failing schools.

    It’s rigged against you, the American people.

    Hillary Clinton who, as most people know, is a world class liar –

    just look at her pathetic email and server statements, or her phony landing in Bosnia where she said she was under attack but the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers, a total self-serving lie."
  3. "If I am elected President, I will end the special interest monopoly in Washington, D.C.

    The other candidate in this race has spent her entire life making money for special interests – and taking money from special interests.

    Hillary Clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and theft.

    She ran the State Department like her own personal hedge fund – doing favors for oppressive regimes, and many others, in exchange for cash.

    Then, when she left, she made $21.6 million giving speeches to Wall Street banks and other special interests – in less than 2 years – secret speeches that she does not want to reveal to the public.

    Together, she and Bill made $153 million giving speeches to lobbyists, CEOs, and foreign governments in the years since 2001.

    They totally own her, and that will never change.

    The choice in this election is a choice between taking our government back from the special interests, or surrendering our last scrap of independence to their total and complete control."
  4. "Our country lost its way when we stopped putting the American people first.

    We got here because we switched from a policy of Americanism – focusing on what’s good for America’s middle class – to a policy of globalism, focusing on how to make money for large corporations who can move their wealth and workers to foreign countries all to the detriment of the American worker and the American economy.

    We reward companies for offshoring, and we punish companies for doing business in America and keeping our workers employed.

    This is not a rising tide that lifts all boats.

    This is a wave of globalization that wipes out our middle class and our jobs.

    We need to reform our economic system so that, once again, we can all succeed together, and America can become rich again."
  5. "I have visited the cities and towns across America and seen the devastation caused by the trade policies of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton supported Bill Clinton’s disastrous NAFTA, just like she supported China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization.

    We’ve lost nearly one-third of our manufacturing jobs since these two Hillary-backed agreements were signed.

    Our trade deficit with China soared 40% during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State -- a disgraceful performance for which she should not be congratulated, but rather scorned.

    Then she let China steal hundreds of billions of dollars in our intellectual property – a crime which is continuing to this day.

    Hillary Clinton gave China millions of our best jobs, and effectively let China completely rebuild itself.

    In return, Hillary Clinton got rich!

    The book Clinton Cash, by Peter Schweitzer, documents how Bill and Hillary used the State Department to enrich their family at America’s expense.

    She gets rich making you poor.

    Here is a quote from the book: “At the center of US policy toward China was Hillary Clinton…at this critical time for US-china relations, Bill Clinton gave a number of speeches that were underwritten by the Chinese government and its supporters.”

    These funds were paid to the Clinton bank account while Hillary was negotiating with China on behalf of the United States.

    She sold out our workers, and our country, for Beijing.

    Hillary Clinton has also been the biggest promoter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which will ship millions more of our jobs overseas – and give up Congressional power to an international foreign commission.

    Now, because I have pointed out why it would be such a disastrous deal, she is pretending that she is against it. She has even deleted this record of total support from her book – deletion is something she is very good at -- (at least 30,000 emails are missing.)

    But this latest Clinton cover-up doesn’t change anything: if she is elected president, she will adopt the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and we will lose millions of jobs and our economic independence for good. She will do this, just as she has betrayed the American worker on trade at every single stage of her career – and it will be even worse than the Clintons’ NAFTA deal."
  6. "Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency.

    Here is some more of what we learned from the book,

    Clinton Cash:

    A foreign telecom giant faced possible State Department sanctions for providing technology to Iran, and other oppressive regimes. So what did this company do? For the first time ever, they decided to pay Bill Clinton $750,000 for a single speech. The Clintons got their cash, the telecom company escaped sanctions.

    Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the transfer of 20% of America’s uranium holdings to Russia, while 9 investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.

    Hillary Clinton appointed a top donor to a national security board with top secret access – even though he had no national security credentials.

    Hillary Clinton accepted $58,000 in jewelry from the government of Brunei when she was Secretary of State – plus millions more for her foundation. The Sultan of Brunei has pushed oppressive Sharia law, including the punishment of death by stoning for being gay. The government of Brunei also stands to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of Hillary’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, which she would absolutely approve if given the chance.

    Hillary Clinton took up to $25 million from Saudi Arabia, where being gay is also punishable by death.

    Hillary took millions from Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and many other countries that horribly abuse women and LGBT citizens.

    To cover-up her corrupt dealings, Hillary Clinton illegally stashed her State Department emails on a private server.

    Her server was easily hacked by foreign governments – perhaps even by her financial backers in Communist China – putting all of America in danger.

    Then there are the 33,000 emails she deleted.

    While we may not know what is in those deleted emails, our enemies probably do.

    So they probably now have a blackmail file over someone who wants to be President of the United States.

    This fact alone disqualifies her from the Presidency.

    We can’t hand over our government to someone whose deepest, darkest secrets may be in the hands of our enemies."
"The Clintons Have a For-Profit College Problem Of Their Own"

"Hillary Clinton’s Likely Pentagon Chief Already Advocating for More Bombing and Intervention"

"Loretta Lynch Admits That Federal Authorities Have Lost The Orlando Shooter's Wife" "FBI Told the Orlando Shooter’s Ex-Wife NOT to Tell Media He was Gay — Here’s Why" "For the 2nd Mass Shooting in a Row, Media Allowed to Trample Evidence at Shooter’s Home"

Tweet (Keith Allard):
"if only we had tested water with the frequency we test citizens for drugs"
"Blind Item #11"

"Quebec Superior Court strikes down Montreal's ban on masked protesters"

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Crisis actors/Calvinball

"Clinton Foundation "Hacked By Russians", "Foundation Vulnerabilities" Document Leaked".  Guccifer2 - who now claims, rather shakily, to be Romanian - found a Clinton Foundation in-house list from the DNC hack of the hinkiest things the Clinton Foundation feels it has done, the things most likely to require optics management.  It is a long list.

"Bryan Pagliano is attempting to navigate an obstacle course that is feared to have cost the life of at least one contestant."

"Gallery: "Dramatic Rescue - Man With Kid Runs Towards Camera" - 43 (Staged) Pictures"

I wonder if there are 'crisis actor' talent agencies, collections of available limbless people willing to put on blood makeup and pretend to be the victims of something or other that didn't happen.  You can see the obvious problem for a 'terrorism' planner of vastly, and unnecessarily, increasing the number of witnesses who might talk.

One reason Orlando was different in its lack of coverage is that many of the victims might not want to out themselves by appearing in the media.

"Bernie’s Capitulation and Hillary’s Syrian War to Come" by Garry Leupp, who is justifiably angry at the degree to which the Bern folded like a cheap suitcase.

"Bilderberg Seen Through the Looking Glass" (Escobar):
"As my (European diplomat) mole told me, this year some key items in the New World Order (NWO) agenda were imperatively discussed, such as how to block both Donald Trump in the US and Brexit in the UK by all means necessary, as well as how to shove the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) over European public opinion’s throats, also by all means necessary.
But other globalist imperatives were as relevant, such as the creation of a virtual online passport – an Internet ID – without which no one will be able to say, or buy, anything. The excuse for it is to promote «cybersecurity». The idea, not surprisingly, came out of the Orwellian European Commission (EC)."
The 'passport' will stop the memes and tweets that are so traumatizing today's young Jewish 'journalists', and I expect will be withheld from those the elites want to turn into non-persons.

"The European Dead End" by Jean Bricmont.  The Brits are going to look awfully fucking stupid to future historians if they pick this, of all times, to stick with these losers!

(((Sabotage!))):  "Behind the scenes: Angst in Trump’s campaign":
 "The dismissal was news to nearly everyone outside of Trump’s immediate family. His daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, were both said to be intimately involved in the decision to sack Lewandowski."

"Italian PM Renzi looks to electoral reform to keep populist M5S at bay".  Calvinball.


"The FBI, Not “ISIS,” Radicalized the Orlando Shooter". We really need a conceptual package that includes Marcus Robertson, Ali Mohamed, and even the real Mohamed Atta (not the kid from Hamburg), who Able Danger tells us was running a similar operation in NY/NJ around 2000.

"U.S., Britain Developed Plans to Disable or Destroy Middle Eastern Oil Facilities from Late 1940s to Early 1960s in Event of a Soviet Invasion".  Quaint memories of a time when the US and Britain conducted their foreign affairs in their own national interest rather than the interest of a small group who bribes their politicians and manipulates public opinion.

"Israel cuts water supplies to West Bank during Ramadan...And Truth to Americans"

Hasbara is getting so complicated:  "Story Claiming West Bank Rabbi Endorsed Poisoning Palestinian Wells Likely Zio-Hoax".

Essentially they are equating having their feeling hurt by being made fun of to the Holocaust:  "Jew Journalists Go on Podcast Whining About the Feelings Trolls Made Them Feel".  It was inevitable that the Zionist propaganda would eventually end up in the hands of entitled, credentialed, morons.

"The Untouchable Mr. Browder?" by Israel Shamir:
"What makes Browder so powerful? He invests in politicians. This is probably a uniquely Jewish quality: Jews outspend everybody in contributions to political figures. The Arabs will spend more on horses and jets, the Russians prefer real estate, the Jews like politicians."

"Clinton Mega-Donors: A List of Jews".  The bigger the bribes, the Jewier it gets.

""Israeli Intelligence chief: We do not want ISIS defeat in Syria" AMN". This is the 100% explanation for Barry's bizarre actions.

"An Eyewitness Tells How The U.S. Ambassador Instigated "Revolution" In Syria"

"What is Missing from the Memo 51 U.S. Diplomats Signed Urging Strikes Against Assad in Syria"

"Disruptive Robocalling"

"Israel Has Become The Global Trend-Setter For Racial Profiling"

"Cologne sex assaults: Muslim rape myths fit a neo-Nazi agenda"

"Is Erdogan's University Diploma Forged?"

"Did Obama push Dutch & Australian govts to start war with Russia after MH17?"

"Did George W. Bush Authorize Israel’s Killing of Yasser Arafat With Polonium?"

"The #StolenReferendum: How Cameron & Co have ruthlessly exploited the murder of MP Jo Cox to save their skins and the EU ‘Project’"  Interesting discussion of the assassination of Airey Neave.  I'm reminded of the anthrax attack which got the Patriot Act through.  There are no limits to what these monsters will do.

"Panama Papers businessman honoured by York University":   ". . . a trustee of the Clinton Foundation . . . ."

"Lewinsky allegedly freaked out at Clinton’s affair with Mondale’s daughter" (also):
"One exchange with her protective detail went this way:
“Good morning, first lady,” an officer said.
“Go f- -k yourself,” she replied."

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Compassion-Industrial Complex

"Huckabee likens Trump’s Muslim ban to Israel’s immigration policies".  Ha!

"Former Mossad director joins anti-Iran organization".  Along with John Bolton.

"Pro-Israeli sides warn Boeing on Iran deal".  This should be very interesting as Boeing can almost out-bribe the Jews.

Tweet (Kevin Gosztola):
"Audience stands and applauds Gabbard as urges everyone to demand end to "regime change wars" "
"The US State Department is Awaiting Hillary’s Reign".  It is unfair to blame the Pentagon, and probably unfair to blame the whole State Department, for the work of 51 well-bribed traitors in the State Department.  It is World Jewry that is drooling blood in anticipation of monster Hillary.

"51 US Diplomats Are Wrong -- Assad Regime Change by Force Would Result in Uncontrollable Anti-American Anger"

"No, the CCP Has Not Forgotten How the US Bombed the Chinese Embassy in 1999"  Tom DeLay channeling the ghost of LBJ!

"ISIS has found a way to pierce US counter-terrorism defenses".  I'm seeing a lot of this ridiculous 'analysis' which depends on studiously not seeing the obvious problems with the Official Stories of the attacks.

"The selective compassion of Jo Cox".  I don't agree with all of this as it is tainted by the usual Islamophobia of the alt-right, but it is indubitable that the members of the Compassion-Industrial Complex are not good people, and don't have the best interests of human beings in mind.

"Syria - Russian Surprise Attack Blows Up Kerry's Delaying Tactic".  It should be no surprise that the American negotiating technique is pure Israeli, pretend to be working on negotiating while the facts on the ground deteriorate daily, and the only way to deal with this is to blow it all up.

"Marcus Dwayne Robertson, Omar Mateen’s Possible Teacher: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know".  A light should go off in your head when you remember Ali Mohamed.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Strauss and human progress

"Contrary to DNC Claim, Hacked Data Contains a Ton of Personal Donor Information".  So now Gawker gets out the black redaction pen.  "GUCCIFER 2.0"  "The Leaked List Of Hillary Clinton's Mega Donors"

People come from all over the world, in all seasons of the year, to watch the beautiful sight of the shekels falling on Washington.  "More than 50 U.S. diplomats push for strikes in Syria" ("The memo, a draft of which was provided to the (((New York Times))) by a (((State Department official))) . . .")  "51 neocons at State want another Iraq". "The moral outrage of 50 US diplomats". They are setting up Yinon for Hil.

"The Untold Story Behind The "Mutiny At The State Department" Where Dozens Demand War With Syria"

Quite straightforward and unambiguous:  "Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel"

"‘Something is Going On’ – And It’s Worse Than You Thought".

"As It Shapes ISIS-Centric Narrative, Orlando Police Reject Freedom of Information Request for Audio of Nightclub Shooter’s 911 Call"

"Orlando gunman spotted on the job in BP disaster documentary: ‘No one gives a sh*t here’"  Weird.  Also weird that the FBI murdered Ibragim Todashev, the friend of alleged Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, in Orlando.  "Orlando shooter investigated for false claim of ties to Boston Marathon bombers".

"What Did Internet Troll Chuck Johnson Know About Peter Thiel’s Secret War on Gawker?"  Boring Gawker fascination with itself, but note:
". . . we we discussing Strauss and human progress."
"Guardian wastes no time in turning tragedy into politcal capital".  You don't have somebody killed in cold blood and then waste the propaganda opportunity.  It seems to be backfiring as the Brits are conspiracy hip, and don't appreciate being manipulated by the slaughter of someone they liked.

This tweet didn't go over very well, but I liked it.

"(((Hollywood))) Putting Out New Hoax Against David Irving". Seriously?

"100+ Reasons to Cease & Desist from Any Further Holocaust Commemoration"

"Bolivia Turns Down Hen Donation by Bill Gates"

"Authorities Renew Hunt for 'Original Night Stalker' Serial Killer, Believed Responsible for 12 Murders and 45 Rapes in 1970s and '80s" "Composites: Sorting and Contextualizing"

Friday, June 17, 2016

Remaining a slave

"A Vote to Remain" (the comments are not charitable, but this is telling about what and how the ((())) are thinking):
"Writing in The New York Times, Roger Cohen, an experienced foreign correspondent who reported on the Balkan Wars of the 1990s, said: “For Vladimir Putin, the disintegration of the European Union would be sweet revenge for the fall of the Soviet Union. He will probe. For populist anti-European politicians from the Netherlands to France—friends of Putin all—a British exit would offer open season for fantasies of drum-beating nationalist fragmentation.”"
"Deconstructing Russophobia" (the best reason to like Putin is the quality and nature of his enemies):
"Imagine that Vladimir Putin were not a murderous autocrat and kleptocrat who has spent his fourteen years in power living up to his KGB past and dragging Russia ever back towards Communist autocracy, illiberalism, and expansionism. Imagine that instead he were one of the greatest leaders that Russia has had, whose policies have helped produce a massive rise in living standards and life expectancy, recuperation of national pride, and enforcement of the rule of law, who has tackled kleptocrats and gangsters wisely and well, whose foreign policy has on balance been realistic, diplomatic, and conducive to peace, who has presided over a country of which the human rights record is considerably better than that of the United States and in which civil rights are improving, and who richly deserves the steady support of 65% – currently at a Ukraine-related high of 83% – of the population that he possesses. "

"Mysterious Death Of Jo Cox MP". Very pro-BDS and a neo-liberal but 'nice' symbol of Remain, she might as well been wearing a target.

"British MP Jo Cox murdered: now comes the pysop". The alleged assassin, Mair, is a nutter, identified with Brexit, so a natural choice.

"Hillary Clinton: Something Wicked This Way Comes". Bill Clinton has arranged it so she appears to be the lesser of two evils, but she is clearly the greater of the two evils.

"Who’s Really The Fascist?".  Trump's free-form speeches - what he actually says, not what the (((media))) and (((Clintonistas))) say he says (and, by the way, what he says is also out of snyc with what the far right say he says) - are deeply anti-fascist.

Free Speech in Canada - you can publish it, but nobody can see it:  "Government bars Canada Post from delivering controversial Your Ward News"

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sacrifice for Queen and empire?

It's apparent that the monsters are going to lose the Brexit vote, so they are in full panic mode, and I'd be looking at the conspiracy angle:  "Jo Cox MP dies after attack in West Yorkshire – latest updates".

The future of wooing

"Fear and Loathing at Saint Anselm: The Donald Gives a “Presidential” Speech on National Security"  "Fear and Loathing at Trump National Golf Club: The Donald Gives a “Presidential” Victory Speech".  It is striking how different Trump's actual speeches are from how the (((mainstream media))) reports them.

"Two More Women Have Accused Jacob Appelbaum of Sexual Assault [Updated]"  The future of wooing is going to be very interesting if you can't even ask.

"Canada now the second biggest arms exporter to Middle East, data show"  That explains everything.

"Goldman Won Over Libyan Investors With 'Hookers & Five-Star Hotels' (Then Promptly Lost All Of Its Money)"

"No firing or demotion for cop who ordered G20 ‘kettling’". Absolutely outrageous decision.

"Noor Zahi Salman: Everything You're Hearing About Me Is a Lie".  (((Somebody's))) trying to turn Orlando into a Palestinian attack.

"Peter Thiel's Gawker-Killing Lawyer Now Issuing Bogus Defamation Threats Over Story On Donald Trump's Hair"

Tweet (Manny Neira).

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Very smart all around:  "Confessions of a Campaign Insider: Can It Really be Hillary vs. Trump?"

I would have given you really good odds had you wanted to place a bet that the first false flaggot of Orlando would be Paul Craig Roberts, and yet . . .

"Saudi Royal Drama: Hackers Spreading Gossip About Deputy Crown Prince and Hillary Clinton"  "Podesta Group Claims Story Of Saudis Funding Hillary's Campaign Was Due To A "Hack"":
"For the record, we find the story that someone would hack the Jordanian News Agency to insert a boring interview with a Saudi crown prince, hard to believe and if anything, the involvement of the Podesta Group dramatically increases the odds that what the Saudi prince revealed may have been the unvarnished truth."
"Julian Assange Warns WikiLeaks Will Publish "Enough Evidence" To Indict Hillary Clinton"

"Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release Clinton’s Intercepted Emails" Despite the fact it will infuriate her, it would be wise to try to take her down in order to prevent WWIII led by Nudelman-Kagan.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Here we go, Orlando

Here we go.

"Reports: Ex-Wife and Classmate Say Orlando Killer Was Gay"

"Orlando Shooter Was Reportedly a Regular at Pulse and Had a Profile on Gay Dating App"

"Drag Queen: Anti-Gay Terrorist Omar Mateen Was My Friend"

Was he in the club as a patron, just another victim of the real shooters?

Tweet (Michael Wilner):
"FBI says the #Orlando perpetrator has over three years pledged allegiance to Hezbollah, ISIS and al Nusra– which is to say, he was clueless."

Of course, Hezbollah is one of the main military opponents to ISIS and al Nusra in Syria.

We're supposed to believe that he was enraged by his son seeing two men kissing, yet somehow the effect on his son of his father being killed or incarcerated for life wasn't an issue.  The two men kissing story comes from the father:  "How Did the Orlando Muslim Terrorist's Father Get Into U.S.?".  The CIA maintains a large inventory of various disaffected politicians, monarchs or self-styled royalty, military men, and intelligence agents from foreign countries that it stores and sponsors in the US in case they are needed for a coup at some future time.  Remember Uncle Ruslan?  Sometimes, as in the case of General Haftar in Libya, this backfires (and it is unclear if Gülen, on ice in Pennsylvania, is helping American interests).

"Orlando Shooting Dad A Longtime CIA Asset" (Hopsicker)

No new beard, no change in clothing, no obsessive religiosity.  Yet the Islamophobia propaganda machine, sponsored with millions of dollars of money from (((you know who))), immediately convinces Americans that this is the work of an Islamist terrorist.

"Israel spin doctors move to exploit Orlando massacre"

"Multiple Suspects On The Loose In Orlando - Why The Media Blackout Of Eyewitness Accounts?"

Standard pattern for an FBI sting is to connect the patsy to an FBI informant who serves as the handler and sets up the components of a prosecutable 'crime':  "CONFIRMED: FBI Introduced Florida Shooter to "Informants" "

Monday, June 13, 2016

Creepy and disgusting

"WITNESS Says at LEAST TWO GUNMAN were Shooting at the PULSE club".  First thing I thought when I heard the story was that the number of killed and wounded was far too high for one shooter in a location from which people could flee.  While taking time out of his busy schedule to make a phone call to pledge allegiance to ISIS!  And wasn't the reported 'hostage situation' resolved awfully quickly and easily?

This is sadly stupid, but demonstrates how easy it is to fool Americans and thus why the authorities are getting so sloppy (see also Paris and San Bernardino):  "Poor Obama! It is so clear that this is Islamic terrorism."

The NYPD-shirt selfies indicate a cop wannabe toiling as a security guard, easily motivated by a promise of a real cop job, and included in the larger operation as the identified Muslim patsy.  He wasn't told his job was to die at the scene and be the focus of all the Islamophobic attention.

"5 Reasons to Question the Official Story of the Orlando Shooting".  The very weird father whose hobby is being President of Afghanistan reminds me a little bit of Uncle Ruslan.

"Sitora Yusufiy, Omar Mateen’s Ex-Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know"

"His use of Dari, instead of Pashto, the language of Pashtuns, was another strange element of his presentation, given that he is discussing issues of Pashtun nationalism."  Dari is Afghan Farsi.

"By stressing accused Orlando shooter’s Muslim name, Trump can gain upper hand on Clinton — Michael Oren".  Helpful, if entirely unneeded, hints for Trump.

"Donald Trump: Is this why the controversial Republican candidate keeps winning?"  This quasi-science is all fine and well, but the fact remains that American government policies - neo-liberalism and the Wars For The Jews - are literally killing Americans in the 99%.

"Jewish and Zionist Influence at the Council on Foreign Relations"

"Nuland to Congress: We Spend $100 Mil a Year Trying to Destabilize Russia (Video)"

"Why Are So Many Bankers Committing Suicide?"

"Why a Leave Vote May Not Result in a Brexit"   Ha!

"The Creepy and Disgusting Way Neo-Nazi Groups Are Targeting Jewish People on Social Media"

"Allen Dulles’ “Indonesian Strategy” and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy":
"Poulgrain adds significantly to our understanding of JFK’s assassination and its aftermath by presenting new information about George de Mohrenschildt, Lee Harvey Oswald’s handler in Dallas.  Dulles had a long association with the de Mohrenschildt family, going back to 1920-21 when in Constantinople he negotiated with Baron Sergius Alexander von Mohrenschildt on behalf of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil.  The Baron’s brother and business partner was George’s father.  Dulles’s law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell, “was virtually the front desk for Standard Oil.”  These negotiations on behalf of elite capitalist interests, in the shadow of the Russian Revolution, became the template for Dulles’s career: economic exploitation was inseparable from military concerns, the former concealed behind the anti-communist rhetoric of the latter.  An anti-red thread ran through Dulles’s career, except when the red was the blood of all those whom he considered expendable.  And the numbers are legion.
“It was through Standard Oil that a link existed between Dulles [who controlled the Warren Commission] and de Mohrenschildt, and this should have been brought to the attention of the Warren Commission but was not made public when Dulles had so prominent a role.”  Poulgrain argues convincingly that De Mohrenschildt worked in “oil intelligence” before his CIA involvement, and that oil intelligence was not only Dulles’s work when he first met George’s father, Sergius, in Baku, but that that “oil intelligence” is a redundancy. The CIA, after all, is a creation of Wall Street and their interests have always been joined. The Agency was not formed to provide intelligence to US Presidents; that was a convenient myth used to cover its real purpose which was to serve the interests of investment bankers and the power elite.
While working in 1941 for Humble Oil  (Prescott Bush was a major shareholder, Dulles was his lawyer, and Standard Oil had secretly bought Humble Oil sixteen years before), de Mohrenschildt was caught up in a scandal that involved Vichy (pro-Nazi) French intelligence in selling oil to Germany.  This was similar to the Dulles’s brothers and Standard Oil’s notorious business dealings with Germany.
It was an intricate web of the high cabal with Allen Dulles at the center.
In the midst of the scandal, de Mohrenschildt, suspected of being a Vichy French intelligence agent, “disappeared” for a while.  He later told the Warren Commission that he decided to take up oil drilling, without mentioning the name of Humble Oil that employed him again, this time as a roustabout.
“Just when George needed to ‘disappear’, Humble Oil was providing an oil exploration team to be subcontracted to NNGPM – the company Allen Dulles had set up five years earlier to work in Netherlands New Guinea.”  Poulgrain makes a powerful circumstantial evidence case (certain documents are still unavailable) that de Mohrenschildt, in order to avoid appearing in court, went in communicado in Netherlands New Guinea’s in mid-1941 where he made a record oil discovery and received a $10,000 bonus from Humble Oil.
“Avoiding adverse publicity about his role in selling oil to Vichy France was the main priority; for George, a brief drilling adventure in remote Netherlands New Guinea would have been a timely and strategic exit.”  And who best to help him in this escape than Allen Dulles – indirectly, of course; for Dulles’s modus operandi was to maintain his “distance” from his contacts, often over many decades.
In other words, Dulles and de Mohrenschildt were intimately involved for a long time prior to JFK’s assassination. Poulgrain rightly claims that “the entire focus of the Kennedy investigation would have shifted had the [Warren] Commission become aware of the 40-year link between Allen Dulles and de Mohrenschildt.” Their relationship involved oil, spying, Indonesia, Nazi Germany, the Rockefellers, Cuba, Haiti, etc.  It was an international web of intrigue that involved a cast of characters stranger than fiction, a high cabal of the usual and unusual operatives.
Two unusual ones are worth mentioning: Michael Fomenko and Michael Rockefeller.  The eccentric Fomenko – aka “Tarzan” – is the Russian-Australian nephew of de Mohrenschildt’s wife, Jean Fomenko.  His arrest and deportation from Netherlands New Guinea in 1959, where he had travelled from Australia in a canoe, and his subsequent life, are fascinating and sad. It’s the stuff of a bizarre film. It seems he was one of those victims who had to be silenced because he knew a secret about George’s 1941 oil discovery that was not his to share. “In April 1964, at the same time George de Mohrenschildt was facing the Warren Commission – a time when any publicity regarding Sele 40 [George’s record oil discovery] could have changed history – it was decided that electro-convulsive therapy would be used on Michael Fomenko.” He was then imprisoned at the Ipswich Special Mental Hospital.
Equally interesting is the media myth surrounding the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller, Nelson’s son and heir to the Standard Oil fortune, who was allegedly eaten by cannibals in New Guinea in 1961. His tale became front-page news, “a media event closed off to any other explanation and the political implications of his disappearance became an ongoing tragedy for the Papuan people.”  To this very day, the West Papuan people, whose land was described by Standard Oil official Richard Archbold in 1938 as “Shangri-la,” are fighting for their independence."

"US Southcom Operation “Venezuela Freedom”, American Strategy to Overthrow the Maduro Government"

Sunday, June 12, 2016


This is good:  "US Law Enforcement Knew Florida Shooter BEFORE Shooting".

An example.

It is possible that some Trump-supporting FBI agents decided to let this sting go on too long and . . . oopsy.

I still waiting for somebody to claim this didn't happen, and was staged.

Added: His hinky - but huge - employer was G4S.

Do you still recall the fateful night we crossed the Rio Grande?

"Only Clinton Can Save Trump’s Electoral Victory" (Petras),  Cynical and true.

Women for Jake.  This looks increasingly like a CIA rejigging of its honeypot.  Similar MO to the Assange case, and many others.  The mere allegation is now so toxic that proof is unnecessary, and trying to defend yourself just makes it worse.  Maybe Appelbaum was resisting.

"Cyprus Officials in Stealth Talks with Victoria Nuland on Turkish Troop Plan".  With all the nefarious characters involved here I think we've reached Peak Douchebaggery.

"Thucydides Crap".  Everybody is looking forward to President Hillary.

"Another Neocon Endorses Clinton, Calling Her '2016's Real Conservative' and 'the Candidate of the Status Quo'"

"The Agenda is Set: Elect the War-Hawk for the Sake of “Progress”"

"State Department Emails Reveal How Unqualified Clinton Donor Was Named to Intelligence Board".  "Can you hear the drums Fernando?".  Bonus for Trump fans:  "Do you still recall the fateful night we crossed the Rio Grande?"

"How The Guardian told me to steer clear of Palestine".  From 2015, but still part of the huge program of the mainstream media.

Sympathy for the devil:  "Why I use the triple parentheses on my byline".  Indicative of the fact that it is no coincidence that lite Zionism is indistinguishable from Zionism.

"The Soft Bigotry of the American Left When It Comes to the Middle East" needs its comment from Naked Capitalism:  "fyi: the author of ‘the soft bigotry of the american left when it comes to the middle east’ is the deputy director of the syrian emergency task force…"

"The Battle for Raqqa: Berlin 1945 or Seville 1936?".  "THALASSA, THALASSA - TTG"  Trying to fathom the American (i.e., Zionist) plan to use the Kurds in Syria turns on Manbij, and Yinonization through Kurdistan.  There is room here for a Syria-Turkey alliance!

"Conservative political beliefs not linked to psychotic traits, as study claimed"  "Exactly reversed".

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Raw meat

"Donald Trump’s own lawyer donated maximum amount to Hillary Clinton campaign".  From August of last year:  "Report: Bill Clinton May Have Encouraged Donald Trump to Run for President".

"Sanders Supporters Claim Clinton Campaign and AP Engaged in a Conspiracy – Complete With a “Secret Win” Code Name". A part of the larger conspiracy was to give her a big win in California, with only a small percentage of the ballots counted (and lots of shenanigans with the ballots and voting procedure, or lack thereof, part of an obvious pattern across the country), and with Sanders ahead in the last polls, and climbing fast.  It should not be lost on anyone that the (((media))) wants war.

"The world lost more than $13 trillion last year because of war" from the (((Washington Post))).  And the Vegetarian Times is devoting its next issue entirely to recipes for raw meat.

Tweet (Susan Sarandon):
"Is this meant to be ironic after you just endorsed Clinton???"
If Trump picks a Democrat as running mate (I'd suggest the obvious choice, Bernie Sanders, were Sanders a Democrat), we could see two Republicans running on the Democratic ticket, and two Democrats running on the Republican ticket. At that point, Americans might as well say 'fuck it' and vote for Jill Stein.

"Jesuits case at crucial juncture"

"Canada’s Pro-Israel Lobby Attempts to Shut Down “Peaceful Pressure” against Israel’s Systematic Violations of International Law"

"Prime Minister Madura, the $170 Hamburger, and the Rising Floodwaters of Shonky Venezuela Coverage".  You would think by now, given our recent experience in coverage from places like Syria, that we would immediately assume that all mainstream news coverage is an outright lie.

Tweet (DPRK News Service, a good parody account):
"With defeat of Bernard Sanders, United States democratic party eager to return to business of selling ordinary Americans as slaves to banks."

Friday, June 10, 2016

Anxious to wet their bayonets

"Russia Is Recruiting The U.S.’s Rebel Allies In Syria":  "“Russia has more honor than America.”".  How could you possibly have less honor than America?

"Assad: Aleppo Is the Grave of Butcher Erdogan’s Dreams"

"Why Is Goldman Sachs Funding the Violent, Racist Jewish Settlers of Hebron?"  These Wall Street group supremacists like to portray themselves as post-group-identity politics, but here they are, elbows deep in blood and land theft.  Related:  "MUST READ: GENTILE ALTRUISM IS SOMETHING EVERY JEW SHOULD FEAR"

"Hillary Clinton’s Project For A New American Century":  ". . . those waiting in the wings to staff her government are anxious to wet their bayonets."

"Noah Galvin and New York Magazine Actually Have One Thing to Hide".  "You Knew This Was Going To Happen… (UPDATE)".  Deep gossip background.

"The Theft of Innocence: Voluntourism and Child Sexual Abuse"

Somehow I don't see the 'alt-right' crowing about this:  "Trump son-in-law emerges as quiet force".  This is one of these famous Jewish marriages into gentile power (and note how utterly crooked the family is, well, both families).  "Mild-Mannered Jared Kushner Is Taking Over the Trump Campaign" (inevitable that he is reluctantly dragged in to save the campaign):
"Maybe, but then again, much like his father-in-law, Kushner seems only to be a Republican of convenience: Forty of the 44 political contributions made in his name between 1992 and 2004 went to Democrats, and in 2000 and 2003 specifically he donated $6,000 to Hillary Clinton. (Also like Trump, the Observer endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012.) In 2014, he donated $10,000 to the New York and New Jersey state Democratic committees."

"Labour “anti-Semitism” witch hunt claims new victims"

"Ireland Continues to Remember 1916 and Continues to Betray It (With Some Canadian Help)"  It is as if Russia organized a great celebration of the life of Hitler in St. Petersburg.

"G20 protester allowed to appeal controversial penalty handed to cop".  Five days’ pay!

"UN Prostitution to Absolute Monarchy Confirmed as Saudi “Funding Fatwa” brings UN to Heel"

"JASTA: The US vs. Saudi Arabia"  There is a lot going on here as Schumer, i.e., Bibi, is behind it, yet Zionism's closest ally in the universe are the Saudi royals.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Belief in a cruel god makes a cruel man

"New York Times Editor Abandons Twitter Over Anti-Semitism"

I think you'll agree that this is by far the finest thing that the (((concentration camp guard))) has ever written:  "A Brief Introduction to Pro-Holocaust Twitter".

It is not a good look when the most powerful people in society, people who have conjured up a series of massive and ruinous wars with the snap of their fingers, suddenly start trying to convince us how terrible it is that somebody is making fun of them.

The only sane thing for the various warmongers to have done is to ignore/block the gadflies, but group supremacists can't help themselves, so they've given the mockers just what the mockers wanted.  By the way, absolute congratulations to Twitter on standing firm to what must have been stupendous backroom pressure.

"Under Israeli pressure, Facebook and Twitter delete large amounts of Palestinian content"

"The largely unknown, deliberate Israeli attack on the US Navy".  "Two important lessons from Israeli attack on the USS Liberty".  If Trump wins, I can see him attending a commemoration of the 50th anniversary as a lark!

Tweet by Joe Catron on some random ZOG-ery, the bog-standard Congressional dancing for shekels.

Meanwhile, back at the land-stealing machine:  tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"Hillary Clinton green lights whatever revenge Israel may take against occupied population after Tel Aviv shooting."

"Wikileaks' Assange: Google Directly Allied with Clinton Campaign"

From Naked Capitalism:
"Lambert here: Clinton’s presumptive nomination comes with a number of key policy decisions that liberals must own “going forwards,” as we say:
1. Corruption. To protect Clinton, liberals have adopted the majority doctrine in Ctizens United: Only a quid pro quo is proof of corruption.
2. Transparency. To protect Clinton, liberals maintain that high government officials can, at will, privatize their communications to shield them from FOIA.
3. Militarism. To protect Clinton, liberals minimize her AUMF vote, ignore Libya, ignore Honduras, ignore Ukraine, and treat unwavering support for Israel as an unqualified good.
4. Health. To protect Clinton, liberals reject Medicare for All.
5. Working Class. To protect Clinton, liberals deny that there is or can be a working class electorate. The electorate is only to be viewed through the prism of identity politics. Two category errors follow: The “white working class” is deemed to be racist, by definition, and the non-white working class is erased. Consequently, it’s impossible to think through the universal effects of the FIRE sector on the working class, nor its differential effects on particular working class identities. This is not an accident.
That’s quite a platform. And if you’re thinking the Democrat Party isn’t the Democratic Party you knew and loved, that’s not an accident either. This has been a wonderfully clarifying primary, for which I congratulate all the players."
"ISIS destroys Temple of Nabu at Nimrud, Nergal Gate at Nineveh"

"Thoughts on Syria - 7 June, 2016"

"CIA and Pentagon Bicker While Russia Wipes Out U.S.-Backed Rebels".

Shekels in action:  "Democrats Are Now the Aggressive War Party"

"The Pentagon’s Great Wall of Impotence" (Escobar)

"Blood Offering: The Death of Mullah Mansoor, China, and the South China Sea"

"The US Is Preparing to Oust President Evo Morales"

"Scandals in new Brazil government offer Rousseff hope of survival"

"Ukraine’s Out of Control Arms Bazaar in Europe’s Backyard" Title is misleading - it is actually about the human rights abuses of the Ukrainian Security Service.

"How grassroots lobbying push blindsided Monsanto" I assume Avaaz gloms on to a winning issue to increase its credibility for its main job, warmongering.

"The Supposedly Liberal NY Review of Books Published a Very Strange Review of Chomsky's Latest".  Always remember that Roth appeared out of nowhere to be universally hailed as the infallible universal arbiter of all things human rights, but somehow always takes the full Wars-For-The-Jews/Zionist apologist position, with an occasional nod to the American empire in criticizing places like Venezuela.

Good Greenwald tweet. It remains a mystery how monsters like Power can completely lack self-awareness, but I guess it is no different than the psychology of any serial killer.

"Tor/Appelbaum Separation Agreement".  Looks like some kind of power play, with the old harassment allegations dredged up as an excuse.  The very late piling on doesn't instill confidence.

"False Flaggots".  Full denialism in American conspiracy theories.