Friday, June 03, 2016


"Livingstone blames ’embittered MPs’ for suspension over Hitler remarks"  "Ken Livingstone says Hitler comments are 'factual' as '1+1=2'"  A poem by the great poet Red Ken:
Adolf Hitler, best friend of the Jew.

People under sustained attack from the Jews usually fold like a cheap suitcase, so Labour's holding fast to truth and honor is particularly impressive.

I used to think the only animals that found amusement in throwing feces were chimps, but I stand corrected.

"Video: Knife moved after Israeli soldier executes Palestinian"

"Huffpo writer expresses bigotry against Palestinians by equating battle for equal rights and anti-Semitism"

Kahanists operating with impunity:  "Jewish extremist flees French prison sentence to Israel"

"Waiting for California and the FBI’s Criminal Investigation on Hillary Clinton, Looking for a “Fill-In Candidate”?"

"Clinton attacks Trump's foreign policy as a threat to U.S. safety"  "Hillary’s Foreign Policy Speech Electrifies Neocons"

"The Lazy Pundit’s Guide to Which Candidate’s Lies You Shouldn’t Care About"

"Susan Rice: Too Many Smart White Guys on National Security Team Putting America at Risk"

"Why did the DOE’s Lawrence Livermore National Lab produce a 2015 study suggesting that anthrax was NOT used as a bioweapon in Rhodesia’s civil war?":
"The report’s conclusion, that Rhodesia’s anthrax epidemic was probably a natural occurrence, may be the first volley of an effort intended to alter history.  Why would a US government lab want to do this, unless the US government had some involvement in that history?
Here’s another scary possibility:  the US government finds itself stymied by the existence of a method that can distinguish whether an epidemic is deliberately caused, or a natural occurrence.  A major reason to use a biological weapon is that the resulting epidemic will be assumed to be natural, and go undetected as an offensive act.  A further reason to use a biological weapon is that it is almost impossible to detect who did it.  [Consider the anthrax letters attack and that we still lack proof of their perpetrator.] Velsko and LLNL know this:  this is their field, after all.
Might Velsko and his employer LLNL/DOE/USG be trying to weaken the scientific underpinning of biowarfare epidemic analysis, an analysis that could be used outside US Government-approved channels, to make the investigative techniques appear much softer and less reliable than they really are? Might this be an effort to prevent their future use to detect a biological weapon attack?"
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