Thursday, June 30, 2016

A confederacy of lampreys

Strikingly odd election result in Spain, outside the Zeitgeist, isn't so odd after all:  "Allegations of Vote Fraud Emerge in Spain".  You don't have a democracy if you don't hand count paper ballots in front of scrutineers.

"The truth behind the Labour coup, when it really began and who manufactured it (EXCLUSIVE)".  Formal structure.  Dirty details:  "Brexit — the shockwaves continue: UKIP rising as Labour heads toward oblivion, Israel Lobby emerges triumphant":
"The latest ongoing episode of this farce involves the choreographed mass resignation of dozens of shadow cabinet ministers and front bench MPs in an effort to shame Corbyn into resigning.  It is a strategy that has been months in the planning  and although the resignations include various Jewish MPs and friends of Israel stooges, two other senior figures offstage seem to have played prominent roles in planning the coup.
One is a veteran labour politician called Lady Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer), who was one of the wealthiest Labour MPs in Parliament and a staunch Friend of Israel. Hodge is a keen supporter of ethnic cleansing and not just in Israel.  When the White working class in the London constituency of Barking and Dagenham rose up by voting in nationalist BNP councillors it was Hodge who led the suppression of the rebellion with the Labour Party pouring money and supporters into the area. Since then the constituency has been flooded with even more asylum seekers from Africa and the Middle East and the remaining White community has shrunk rapidly. It was widely seen as a punishment.
The second alleged conspirator is a Israel lobbyist called Jeremy Newmark who is the chairperson of the Jewish Labour Movement which is affiliated not only to the British Labour Party but the Israeli Labour Party and the World Zionist Organisation. He has been described as being “at the forefront of the current witch hunt” and has a track record of lobbying against Palestinian supporter groups and attacking BDS initiatives.  He is a former chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council."

"Killing Corbyn"

"The Neoliberal Prison: Brexit Hysteria and the Liberal Mind"

Tweet (Joe //):
"A few things to remember about Angela Eagle, as pointed out by /r/LabourUK."

"After the European referendum campaign, Jeremy Corbyn needs to go".  Amazing in the clarity of the statement that it is democracy to ignore what party members want.

Ho-hum, Head Jew supports Warmonger-in-Chief:  "Noam Chomsky, John Halle and a Confederacy of Lampreys: a Note on Lesser Evil Voting" by Jeffrey St. Clair.  Some great dissing in last two paragraphs.

"It's tempting to wonder if there's some cointelpro-style attack going on. Realistically, we likely do have the attention of governments who are well-funded to attack us. But first, this really doesn't look like a cointelpro op. The complaints come from people both inside and outside the Tor community, and I know some of them. And second, in this case it really doesn't matter. It's no excuse for not taking responsibility for our actions. Tor, and our broader freedom movement, are about communities, and about how we want to interact with each
other. Let's handle this situation as an example of how we want to do it right."
"David Chasteen Timeline".
"Harvard scholar calls for US-Israel treaty to ‘lock in’ special relationship before young Democrats end the romance"

Black Misleadership Class to the rescue (I smell shekels):  "Clinton marshals African-American surrogates against BDS to stop pro-Palestinian influence ‘in the public narrative’"  "Black AIPAC activist working to undermine Cornel West on Palestine"

"International House Negroes Defend European Union"

"Eisoptrophobia".  I was struck by the phrase "killing Muslims and stealing their land", which is what happens every day and is never stated.  Of course, the huge mystery for Americans is why Muslims might have reason to be angry about anything, given the complete lack of any mention of the Wars For The Jews.

The big issue of our time:  "Firing the Elites".  Corbyn, Brexit, de-Corbyn, Trump . . .

"This Zionist group has been harassing me and leveling false accusations against me".  I've got exactly zero sympathy for the havingitbothwaysism of the polite credentialed classes, including Mr. Angry.

"Trading Places: Neocons and Cockroaches".  It is amazing what you can call Jews if you pick the right euphemism.  If Martians came down to earth they would be confused by our convoluted and twisted customs and covert rules around truth speaking.
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