Thursday, June 02, 2016


"Alleged Billionaire"  As embarrassing a Clintonista as Marshall has been, I'm sure he is right about this.  Both Clinton and Trump treat politics as just another grift.

"The only Jewish candidate for Labour NEC has been blocked in ‘anti-semitism’ witch hunt".  Real Labour is starting to take the party back from the alien conspiracy, but the almost fatal bad case of the Jews continues to infect:  "Revealed: Newly-released letters expose Corbyn’s call for Israel sanctions".

"Leanne Mohamad, Winner, Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge! Redbridge Regional Final 2015-16":  "Following temporary suspension to safeguard a minor, we are now able to reinstate the video of our Redbridge Regional Final champion Leanne Mohamad, with authorisation from her family." The spin from these spineless cowards is that they were protecting her from trolls!

Does a bear shit in the woods?:  "Did the Canadian Government Bribe Saudi Officials to Obtain its Arms Deal?". "Lax Laws Are Turning Foreign Bribery Into a Canadian Value"

"Jew Kristol Introduces His White Knight: David French":
"Shockingly, he was apparently not attempting to be ironic when he announced the conspiracy from Israel."
A useful comment on the American Center for Law and Justice.

"ADL Forms Task Force to Address Anti-Semitic and Racist Harassment of Journalists on Social Media". This is about the mocking of Jewish 'journalist' opponents of Trump by the memes from the alt-right.  It is a problem for the conspiracy if this kind of mockery becomes too entertaining.

"The growing influence of Israel’s most hard line settlers".  Nothing has really changed but they've stopped bothering to put any spin on it.  This upsets lite Zionists as they believe it will make the land theft project more difficult.

"Leader of France’s Jewish Defence League on run in Israel after conviction in Paris"  "Rising anti-Semitism forces Jews out of Paris suburbs"

"How Hillary Clinton will squander the nuclear deal with Iran".  Closely related:  "Presidential race blows past $1 billion mark — and other numbers to know":
"10: Number of people who in April accounted for 95 percent of the $8.56 million raised by pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action"

"The New Arab Attack Piece against the Syria Solidarity Movement®".  Poor-quality propaganda bought by Qatar.

"The Brazilian Coup and Washington’s “Rollback” in Latin America"

An interesting disappearance:  "Blind Items Revealed #2 – Revisited"  "Murder Mystery: Was Johnny Depp Involved In Disappearance Of His Business Partner?"

"Israel commandeers UN for anti-BDS pep rally"  Apparently, anybody can rent out the UN General Assembly Hall.  What's next?  A 'final liquidation' clothing sale?  Bingo?  Wrestling?  Since it is the Jews, if there is any time left on the rental, maybe they can film a porno there.
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