Friday, June 10, 2016

Anxious to wet their bayonets

"Russia Is Recruiting The U.S.’s Rebel Allies In Syria":  "“Russia has more honor than America.”".  How could you possibly have less honor than America?

"Assad: Aleppo Is the Grave of Butcher Erdogan’s Dreams"

"Why Is Goldman Sachs Funding the Violent, Racist Jewish Settlers of Hebron?"  These Wall Street group supremacists like to portray themselves as post-group-identity politics, but here they are, elbows deep in blood and land theft.  Related:  "MUST READ: GENTILE ALTRUISM IS SOMETHING EVERY JEW SHOULD FEAR"

"Hillary Clinton’s Project For A New American Century":  ". . . those waiting in the wings to staff her government are anxious to wet their bayonets."

"Noah Galvin and New York Magazine Actually Have One Thing to Hide".  "You Knew This Was Going To Happen… (UPDATE)".  Deep gossip background.

"The Theft of Innocence: Voluntourism and Child Sexual Abuse"

Somehow I don't see the 'alt-right' crowing about this:  "Trump son-in-law emerges as quiet force".  This is one of these famous Jewish marriages into gentile power (and note how utterly crooked the family is, well, both families).  "Mild-Mannered Jared Kushner Is Taking Over the Trump Campaign" (inevitable that he is reluctantly dragged in to save the campaign):
"Maybe, but then again, much like his father-in-law, Kushner seems only to be a Republican of convenience: Forty of the 44 political contributions made in his name between 1992 and 2004 went to Democrats, and in 2000 and 2003 specifically he donated $6,000 to Hillary Clinton. (Also like Trump, the Observer endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012.) In 2014, he donated $10,000 to the New York and New Jersey state Democratic committees."

"Labour “anti-Semitism” witch hunt claims new victims"

"Ireland Continues to Remember 1916 and Continues to Betray It (With Some Canadian Help)"  It is as if Russia organized a great celebration of the life of Hitler in St. Petersburg.

"G20 protester allowed to appeal controversial penalty handed to cop".  Five days’ pay!

"UN Prostitution to Absolute Monarchy Confirmed as Saudi “Funding Fatwa” brings UN to Heel"

"JASTA: The US vs. Saudi Arabia"  There is a lot going on here as Schumer, i.e., Bibi, is behind it, yet Zionism's closest ally in the universe are the Saudi royals.
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