Friday, June 24, 2016

Britons never, never, never shall be slaves

It is rare to see an unambiguous choice against remaining slaves, and we all should celebrate the wisdom and strength and fearlessness - the big argument, as always, by the slave owners is that throwing off your chains will lead to terrifying consequences - of the British people.

"The racists have successfully articulated a broad antiestablishment sentiment - originating in class injuries, regional decline, postindustrial devastation, generational anxieties, etc. - along bigoted, national chauvinist lines."

Getting as far away as possible from the Euro-trash turds circling the bowl is good in and of itself, but the bonuses to freedom have already begun:  "Brexit: David Cameron to quit after UK votes to leave EU".

"Key Brexit Question: Is Cameron the Biggest Liar in History?"  "Jeremy Corbyn calls for Brexit process to begin urgently as Labour MPs call for him to resign".  Step 2 on the freedom train is getting Labour elected to finish the job.  And get a good security detail around Corbyn as World Jewry may try to jocox him.

"Is THIS Why the British Pound Is Getting Decimated After Brexit?"

"Did Trump-Style Islamophobia break up the European Union?"  Islamophobia backfired on World Jewry.  The late revelation that Britain would soon be chock-a-block with Turks, which Cameron was trying to hide, may well have helped put the insanity and decrepitude of the Euro-trash in sharp focus.

And when I say insanity, I mean insanity:  "Putin: ‘We know when US will get new missile threatening Russia’s nuclear capability’".  Is Europe itself going to wake up and throw off its shackles before its utter destruction at the hands of its corrupt and cowardly 'leaders', deep in the pockets of the Zio-Americans?

I know you are never supposed to even think it, but let us not forget that Brexit is a huge victory against the evil forces of World Jewry, who have consistently manipulated the Euro-trash to take tragic - for the people of Europe and the world - steps against Russia, perceived as the main force delaying the building of the Zionist Empire.

I'll just leave this here:  "The Sixty-Million, Part 1"

There's other stuff, though when you think about it, it is all the same big story:
  1. "Tel Aviv Mob Beats Israeli Driver, Mistaking Him for Palestinian Attacker" 
  2. "Wow Even Jennifer Rubin Says GOP Voters 'Lack Common Sense'"
  3. "EXCHANGE: Josh Marshall and Mark Cuban on Donald Trump's Campaign Financing".  Hilarious, as Cuban shoots down every single one of Marshall's Clintonista 'talking points', but Marshall, a national embarrassment, has his head so far up his own ass he publishes it anyway!
  4. "Emails: State Dept. scrambled on trouble on Clinton's server".  Clinton's homemade set-up was so lousy the government had to remove security software in order for it to function, yet they still claim that only the expertise of the Russian government could have hacked it!!!  Note that they had to remove security from the whole department's system in order to get Hil's emails out!!!  "This should trump all other activities."
  5. "The Demonisation of Bashar al Assad"
  6. "Samantha Power, Henry Kissinger & Imperial Delusions"
  7. "Putin: "European Union is Russia's friend. NATO is the problem""
  8. "The National Endowment for Democracy: Not National and Not for Democracy"
  9. "How Severe Is Venezuela’s Crisis?"

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