Sunday, June 05, 2016


"Is The New York Times On Dope?"  Nope, it is what they are now calling a 'coincidence'.  (((New York Times))).

Of course, 'coincidence' comes from white supremacists, who are keenly aware that group supremacists operate as a group, i.e., there are no real coincidences when they all act for the same group supremacist goals. Group supremacists succeed only when we fail to notice, or are embarrassed into pretending not to notice.

"PUTIN TAKES THE GLOBAL LONG VIEW IN NEXT MOVES IN SYRIA by Harper".  But Russia seems to have re-committed to Syria, possibly because Putin regards the Eurotrash politicians as so corrupt there is no reasonable prospect of their acting in real European interests.  Without first-past-the-post, there is simply no reason for them not to act corruptly.

"Syrian Gov’t Troops enter ISIL-held al-Raqqa Province, racing against US Allies".  I wouldn't worry about the phony US/Kurd attack, as the Americans aren't about to attack the only ally they have left other than al Qaeda.

My view is that the American lack of success overall is caused by a lack of determination due to the fact that some American officials, alive to the 'coincidence' factor, aren't complete traitors to real American interests.

"‘Why do you go around with a pistol if it’s so peaceful here?’"  Assholes.

"The New Facade for Regime Change: A Brief History of Humanitarian Interventionism"

"Error by Washington and Moscow".  The general theory is that Turkey fears a Kurdish state in Syria, as it may form the kernel of a Greater Kurdistan, but what if Erdoğan is working off Israeli-inspired thinking of mass ethnic cleansing of Turkish Kurds to Syria?  I'm not sure how moving 15 to 20 million people to a small sliver of land world work, but Erdoğan might just want to establish the concept to keep the rest quiescent.  You could read Kurdish efforts at fighting ISIS in areas not traditionally Kurdish as an effort to increase the size of the new Kurdish state.

"War Criminal Blair Warmongers for Ground Invasion of Syria and Iraq"  I would have thought Bliar would be keeping a low profile these days unless he's been tipped that Chilcot has whitewashed him.  See:  "The Chilcot Inquiry is set to CLEAR Alastair Campbell over claims he 'sexed up' the dodgy dossier making the case for Iraq War"

"Obama Wanted to Cut Social Security. Then Bernie Sanders Happened."  "Letting ‘Wall Street’ Walk"  You simply can't overstate what a steaming pile of shit Barry is.

"Maryam Monsef willing to stick with 1st-past-the-post elections if Canadians want them"  She's lying, of course, as her mission, I'm sad to say, is to permanently wreck the country (first-past-the-post simply functions too well), but encouragement comes from the fact there is considerable push-back to the evil schemes.
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