Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Now I think it is fair to say we have seen everything.

"One Reason For #Brexit - Blairite Wannabe "Elite" Disdains Their Party Members"  Chilcotophobia.

The rebels are going to need a new party to go to.  What will they call it?  Labour Fiends of Israel?  The Blair Which? Project?  The Conservative Party?

In their constant quest to provide full employment for the people of Britain, 172 jobs just opened up in the Labour Party.

Tweet (Charles B. Anthony):
"BREAKING: Parliamentary Labour Party lose vote of confidence 250,000 - 172"

Tweet (DPRK News Service) (another view):
"Purge of Jeremy Corbyn heartens true English socialists to embrace Juche Idea, imprison class enemies, and declare war on United States."

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