Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Very smart all around:  "Confessions of a Campaign Insider: Can It Really be Hillary vs. Trump?"

I would have given you really good odds had you wanted to place a bet that the first false flaggot of Orlando would be Paul Craig Roberts, and yet . . .

"Saudi Royal Drama: Hackers Spreading Gossip About Deputy Crown Prince and Hillary Clinton"  "Podesta Group Claims Story Of Saudis Funding Hillary's Campaign Was Due To A "Hack"":
"For the record, we find the story that someone would hack the Jordanian News Agency to insert a boring interview with a Saudi crown prince, hard to believe and if anything, the involvement of the Podesta Group dramatically increases the odds that what the Saudi prince revealed may have been the unvarnished truth."
"Julian Assange Warns WikiLeaks Will Publish "Enough Evidence" To Indict Hillary Clinton"

"Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release Clinton’s Intercepted Emails" Despite the fact it will infuriate her, it would be wise to try to take her down in order to prevent WWIII led by Nudelman-Kagan.
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