Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Potato sacks

"It's Official: Hillary Clinton Wins The Democratic Presidential Nomination".  The planned premature announcement by the (((media))).  It is because of Clinton nervousness about California - that the vote fraud and suppression won't be enough - and is in essence a coup.

"Clinton Loyalist Authoritarianism: Brad DeLong Threatens a Journalist and Economists. Who is Next?". The Stalinist purges have already started.

Close enough to slip a guy a check (I mean that literally):  "Flanked by AIPAC and Israeli consul, Cuomo signs anti-BDS order".

"Temer’s Black Thumb".  He doesn't have much time to loot, steal and pillage, though the deposed regime was also pretty terrible.

"PEN director praises Charlie Hebdo’s courage, then suggests BDS makes students feel ‘isolated, vulnerable, threatened’".  The Ku Klux Klan has more honorable public policies than PEN, but you won't see many of these 'humanitarian' authors quitting in disgust as they need their (((publishers))).

"The Global Consequences Of Hillary Clinton’s Predatory Pragmatism"

"The surprising strategy behind Hillary Clinton’s designer wardrobe"  Given what she has to pay for her potato sacks, no wonder her speeches are so expensive!

Honeypot news, perhaps ironic:  "Tor Developer Jacob Appelbaum Resigns, Denies Sexual Assault Claims"

Tweet (Edward Snowden) (on the NSA limited hangout, which nonetheless shows they lied about Snowden surprising them without warning):
"Interesting that this still shows an incomplete history of the concerns I expressed. Simple incompetence, or did NSA destroy records?"
"“The clan leader of white Americans”: Conservative David Frum perfectly explains how the disintegration of the GOP has created Trump"  I don't follow this too closely, but I thought 'Digby' used to be considered to be one of the good ones.

"George W. Bush's torture-justifying lawyer is worried about Trump's respect for the law".  "After a Detainee Died at a Black Site, the CIA Blamed Training From the Federal Bureau of Prisons" (also - the Bybee Memos were Yoo's handiwork).
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