Saturday, June 11, 2016

Raw meat

"Donald Trump’s own lawyer donated maximum amount to Hillary Clinton campaign".  From August of last year:  "Report: Bill Clinton May Have Encouraged Donald Trump to Run for President".

"Sanders Supporters Claim Clinton Campaign and AP Engaged in a Conspiracy – Complete With a “Secret Win” Code Name". A part of the larger conspiracy was to give her a big win in California, with only a small percentage of the ballots counted (and lots of shenanigans with the ballots and voting procedure, or lack thereof, part of an obvious pattern across the country), and with Sanders ahead in the last polls, and climbing fast.  It should not be lost on anyone that the (((media))) wants war.

"The world lost more than $13 trillion last year because of war" from the (((Washington Post))).  And the Vegetarian Times is devoting its next issue entirely to recipes for raw meat.

Tweet (Susan Sarandon):
"Is this meant to be ironic after you just endorsed Clinton???"
If Trump picks a Democrat as running mate (I'd suggest the obvious choice, Bernie Sanders, were Sanders a Democrat), we could see two Republicans running on the Democratic ticket, and two Democrats running on the Republican ticket. At that point, Americans might as well say 'fuck it' and vote for Jill Stein.

"Jesuits case at crucial juncture"

"Canada’s Pro-Israel Lobby Attempts to Shut Down “Peaceful Pressure” against Israel’s Systematic Violations of International Law"

"Prime Minister Madura, the $170 Hamburger, and the Rising Floodwaters of Shonky Venezuela Coverage".  You would think by now, given our recent experience in coverage from places like Syria, that we would immediately assume that all mainstream news coverage is an outright lie.

Tweet (DPRK News Service, a good parody account):
"With defeat of Bernard Sanders, United States democratic party eager to return to business of selling ordinary Americans as slaves to banks."
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