Wednesday, June 01, 2016


"On the Road in Israel"  Everything is great for the supremacists!  BDS has lost!  Note that this series of posts is called "From the Potomac to the Euphrates", Greater Israel!  "Yehuda Glick’s meteoric rise from messianic margins to Israeli parliament"

"The Shuttening: PayPal Shuts Down BDS France".  I wonder what Glenn Greenwald will have to say about this?  Oh wait . . .

"European Freedom Of Speech Threatened As Social Networks Vow To Combat Self-Determined "Hate Speech""

Fake videos, mythical hospitals, . . . the usual.  "The U.S./UK Financed "White Helmets" Shtick - Fake "Child Rescued" Videos"  "Not A Hospital, Not A Russian Strike, Not Civilian - Propaganda Fail In Syria"

"It Is Being Reported That Turkish Military Forces Have Entered Syria" Read the comments.  Michael T. Snyder.

"Turkey’s ‘Kurdish Agony’"  The oddity is that all Turkish actions increase the likelihood of Greater Kurdistan.

The best thing about Corbyn is that he has a bit of fight in him:  "Jeremy Corbyn warns the BBC are 'obsessed' with trying to damage his leadership".

"Wikileaks Asks If This Is The "Smoking Gun" Email That Will Bring Down Hillary"  "Huffington Post Removes Article Claiming Hillary Will Be Indicted On Federal Racketeering Charges"  "Gaius Publius: Bernstein – The White House Is Terrified the Clinton Campaign “Is in Freefall”"  Barry, and not the FBI or Department of Justice, is in charge of whether Hil gets her justly deserved indictment.  Barry has only two concerns, his 'legacy', and his post-Presidential bribes (aka, shekels).  Sanders as President would make Barry look like shit, and Hil, who will immediately start WWIII behind the real leadership of Nudelman-Kagan (what historians of the future will call WW Jew, but aren't they all?), will make him look like the greatest President of all time.  More importantly, the same Jewish billionaires who will shekel Barry really, really, really want Hil as President.  I'd be shocked to see any legal problems for Clinton.

"Anglo-America: Regression and Reversion in the Modern World"  A noticeable series of obvious actions to undo all social progress around the world.

"Does Venezuela’s Crisis Prove Socialism Doesn’t Work?" Bad currency exchange decisions.

"French court overturns “illegal” ban on BDS event".  Along with the strike, very unusual stirrings of positive behavior in France.  Though I still think France is fucked.

Luckily, they've discovered the problem with the DNC - not Zionist enough!:  "Tim Canova's Statements Are Even More Pro-Israel than Wasserman Schultz"

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