Friday, June 17, 2016

Remaining a slave

"A Vote to Remain" (the comments are not charitable, but this is telling about what and how the ((())) are thinking):
"Writing in The New York Times, Roger Cohen, an experienced foreign correspondent who reported on the Balkan Wars of the 1990s, said: “For Vladimir Putin, the disintegration of the European Union would be sweet revenge for the fall of the Soviet Union. He will probe. For populist anti-European politicians from the Netherlands to France—friends of Putin all—a British exit would offer open season for fantasies of drum-beating nationalist fragmentation.”"
"Deconstructing Russophobia" (the best reason to like Putin is the quality and nature of his enemies):
"Imagine that Vladimir Putin were not a murderous autocrat and kleptocrat who has spent his fourteen years in power living up to his KGB past and dragging Russia ever back towards Communist autocracy, illiberalism, and expansionism. Imagine that instead he were one of the greatest leaders that Russia has had, whose policies have helped produce a massive rise in living standards and life expectancy, recuperation of national pride, and enforcement of the rule of law, who has tackled kleptocrats and gangsters wisely and well, whose foreign policy has on balance been realistic, diplomatic, and conducive to peace, who has presided over a country of which the human rights record is considerably better than that of the United States and in which civil rights are improving, and who richly deserves the steady support of 65% – currently at a Ukraine-related high of 83% – of the population that he possesses. "

"Mysterious Death Of Jo Cox MP". Very pro-BDS and a neo-liberal but 'nice' symbol of Remain, she might as well been wearing a target.

"British MP Jo Cox murdered: now comes the pysop". The alleged assassin, Mair, is a nutter, identified with Brexit, so a natural choice.

"Hillary Clinton: Something Wicked This Way Comes". Bill Clinton has arranged it so she appears to be the lesser of two evils, but she is clearly the greater of the two evils.

"Who’s Really The Fascist?".  Trump's free-form speeches - what he actually says, not what the (((media))) and (((Clintonistas))) say he says (and, by the way, what he says is also out of snyc with what the far right say he says) - are deeply anti-fascist.

Free Speech in Canada - you can publish it, but nobody can see it:  "Government bars Canada Post from delivering controversial Your Ward News"
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