Monday, June 06, 2016

The abjectness of the prostrating

"Google Removes Chrome Extension That Highlighted Jewish Names"  It is now officially 'hate speech' to call a Jew a Jew, as if it was some kind of insult.

"See What Happens When Barack Obama’s Teleprompter Breaks Down During Trump Speech [Video]"  Watch the video!  Everybody mocks Trump for his incoherence, but he hardly ever uses a teleprompter (the main exception being his speech pledging complete fealty to the Jews, a situation where you can't leave the abjectness of the prostrating to chance).

Tweet (Ben Jacobs):
"There are individual press conference where Trump spent more time taking questions than Clinton has in all of 2016"

"Clinton’s Speech Shows That Only Sanders Is Fit for the Presidency"  "Hillary’s Foreign Policy Speech: Queen Galadriel Before Her Magic Mirror"  Again, the Clintonistas must be extolling the virtues of some other, hidden, Hillary Clinton, as the Hillary Clinton I see will obviously, and instantly, be the worst President in American history, a tragedy of unimaginable proportions.

"'Dilbert' Creator Asks "What Exactly Is The Risk Of A Trump Presidency?"" Liberals would say Supreme Court appointments.  We know Clinton is both incompetent and ultra dangerous, but:
"Donald Trump has about five decades of track record in business that includes no violent acts whatsoever. Nor have we heard stories of any Trump temper tantrums in the business world that go beyond the scope of what any CEO does on a bad day. Somehow Trump built hundreds of business entities, amassed great wealth, and raised a great set of kids. And nowhere in the story is the part where he did something scary or dangerous. That sort of behavior doesn’t pop up suddenly when you’re a grandfather."

"Libya’s ‘Chaos Theory’ Undercuts Hillary"  (Parry)

"New York Governor Cuomo Orders Blacklist of Groups That Support Boycotting Israel"  The shekels, the shekels!  Cuomo just might be the crookedest man in the world.  Note the Schumer update.  We probably need another set of brackets - square? - to identify the known shabbos goyim.

"Attacks on BDS websites smack of Israel’s despair at its growing isolation"

"The Expulsion and the Evidence"

"Inside the scandals of 740 Park, the world’s richest building".  Were brackets allowed, this would be a much longer article.

"Is Russia About To Resume Its Campaign Against Al Nusra In Syria? by Willy B"  Suddenly, a lot is happening on the de-terrorization front.
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