Friday, July 08, 2016


   . . . paralleling Barry's belief that he can be judge, jury and executioner using his drones (but he needs to take off his socks if he is going to keep a proper tally) when it comes to keeping 'his folk' safe.

The five shooters, 'triangulating' (which requires three), is now but one, one handily removed, when they didn't get a clear shot - one of the lessons we learn about American police is that they are really terrible shots unless two of them are sitting on a loosie or CD dealer, an entrepreneur (!), in which case they are Annie Oakley, a fact which explains the mythology of the shoot out between sheriff and bad guy of the Old West, not to mention the survival of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in a boat under a ton of Boston police lead - by some kind of exploding 'robot' (ground drone), a death in the style of patsies everywhere.  Nice and clean, the body attached to a 'hate whitey' message to protect the police, for dead men tell no tales.  This expensive judicial and incarceration system will no longer be required if remote removal of the 'bad guy', 'as there was no other way to keep the police safe' ('haven't we suffered enough?'), is the new norm.

Blowback used to refer to the revengeful 'terrorism' of one of the victims of the Wars For The Jews, regarded as a small price to pay for all that free oil (ha!).  The real blowback is the increased militarism of police, the increased violence of society with a general coarsening of discourse and crapification of institutions, and now remote-control extrajudicial execution of suspects.
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