Friday, July 29, 2016

Dies in the sun

  1. "A lobby is like a night flower: it thrives in the dark and dies in the sun."
  2. "Will Preemptive Accusations Against Russia Cover Up Voting Fraud?".  (((Schneier))) and (((Doctorow))) have both built up reputations as straight shooters, but apparently both simultaneously felt there was an important reason to throw it all away.  This is unhinged!  Very ironic time to suddenly develop an interest in vote rigging after we've just seen what Clinton and the DNC did to Sanders.
  3. "Puppet Theory: Is Trump Putin’s Puppet?" Do you think Americans are unaware of all the ((())) involved here?
  4. "The Secret of Identity Politics" (Shamir)
  5. "Trump to look at recognizing Crimea as Russian territory, lifting sanctions"
  6. "Trump walks back email hack comments, but damage lingers"
  7. "The American Autumn".
I'd like to see a list of all the trickery used at the Democratic Convention to suppress dissent, disinterest in the propaganda (seat fillers), and vocal opposition to Hillary.  You'd never know from the (((media))) that it was anything other than a love-fest.

"Hand that feeds you".  The 'donors' (I use scare quotes as it is not a gift but prepayment for services to be rendered)?  ((())), all ((())):
"Clinton’s tepid performance with small contributors has forced her to rely on big money. Only 19 percent of her donations came from individuals contributing $200 or less. Wall Street is her largest industry donor, with $41 million going into her coffers. Her biggest contributors have ties to Saban Capital, founded by Univision owner Haim Saban.
He’s followed by algorithmic hedge fund Renaissance Technologies, which has given $9.5 million, and the Pritzker Group, whose family founded the Hyatt hotel chain and gave nearly $8 million. Penny Pritzker is currently the secretary of commerce."

"Night of the Hollow Men: Notes From the Democratic Convention". Hilarious channeling of Hunter Thompson.

"(VIDEO + PHOTOS) SAA liberates key districts in battle for Aleppo, "terrorists on the verge of defeat""

"Five Minutes of Common Sense: Can Russia still use Erdogan and Turkish Stream?"  The failed CIA-Saudi-Gülen coup could have massive geopolitical consequences.  It remains a distinct possibility that Erdoğan was saved partly with the help of Russian intelligence, and that is the kind of thing you don't forget.

"Man convicted of killing D.C. intern Chandra Levy has charges dismissed":
"In recent months, Guandique's attorneys have raised questions about Condit. At a January hearing, one of Guandique's attorneys told a judge that Condit misled the jury with his testimony at the 2010 trial, but he did not elaborate.
In May, defence lawyers sought to take depositions from several women who said they had sexual relationships with Condit. Defence lawyers said two of the women said they feared Condit. And the defence lawyers said Condit had "obvious motive to kill Ms. Levy in order to keep the relationship secret."
Condit testified at trial that he didn't kill Levy but evaded questions about an intimate relationship saying, "We're all entitled to some level of privacy.""
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