Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Double standards

"Tony Blair Chose To Join Iraq Invasion Before Peaceful Options Exhausted, Chilcot Finds"  "Statement from Tony Blair on Chilcot Report"

"John Helmer: Armchair General Sells Australian Involvement in Ukraine….On Behalf of Arms-Maker-Funded Think Tank"  Almost the same model as the Breedlove treason.

Tweet (Kevin Gosztola) (on the Washington double standard, see also):
"Two-tiered justice: one justice system for Clinton - & one for low-ranking individuals"
"Harper: Hillary's Special Treatment From FBI".  Comey's revenge for being sullied by this  is to draft the articles of impeachment for the Republicans, making Hil's VP choice ultra-important.  Comey seems to have crafted his statement to emphasize specific Clinton lies:  "She Said, He Said - Clinton Vs. Comey" (clever short video!).

"Roger Stone’s Expose of the Clintons "
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