Saturday, July 02, 2016


"Brexit: The Left Should Not Be Neoliberalism’s Useful Idiots"

"Brexit: A Reaction Against the Globalist Parasites and Scavengers"

"Ancillary Lessons from Brexit". Deep analysis of how 'Europe' was hammered together as part of an Anglo-American warmongering plot.

"Brexit: the English and Welsh Enlightenment"

"How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis".  Excellent, detailed work here.  Read this carefully, as it explains the actual Jewish conspiracy that we all face (in the light of a massive pile of cold, stark, awful facts, it is simply hilarious that there are still those who think they can get away with whines of 'conspiracy theory!').  Note how ultra-Zionist activists, who carefully hide their identity as such, muddle anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism and then accuse innocent human rights activists, exemplary human beings, of being bigots.  Absolutely appalling.  The only way out of this Jew-created mess is to disallow any and all claims of anti-Semitism under any circumstances whatsoever.  If Jews have a problem with this they should complain to their fellow supremacists who are utterly responsible for this confusion, which of course was created solely for the purposes of allowing Jews to more freely kill people and steal their land.

"Corbyn, British Labour and Anti-Semitism".  Touches on the issue of blaming all members of a group for the  actions of self-selected representatives of the group, or, in this case, a country which purports to stand for the group.  Of course, what to do if there is a conspiracy to play identity politics to use accusations of hate - ruination in this political climate - to secretly advocate for violent group supremacism?  What do moral people do in the face of a constant barrage of this vile manipulation?  The question is academic - people will simply do the only moral thing and leave the moralist debate in the dust.

"Brexit and the Jews". The combination of Brexit machinations and the entire anti-Corbyn conspiracy is bringing a lot of people out of the shadows in which they prefer to hide.

Barry came to Ottawa and got 1000 Canadian troops as a gift.  This tweet (trapdinawrpool) summarizes the deep and awful moral compromises, with an absolute lack of self-awareness, of the Canadian Liberals:
"While he pokes the Russian bear by sending troops to it's border"
"Hillary: Ordinarily Awful or Uncommonly Awful?"

"Clinton Is Spending $500k A Day On TV Ads While Trump Spends Nothing"  If Trump wins without the obscene ad buys he will have broken the Jewish billionaire scam of controlling politicians with massive amounts of dollars which are immediately funneled back to media outlets owned by the Jewish billionaires.  We're told, by Jewish political consultants, naturally, that these billions in ad buys are absolutely necessary to win.

"ISIS Mastermind Behind Istanbul Terrorist Attack Was A "Refugee" Protected By Europe".  Euro-trash protected him from being shipped to Russia to face terrorism charges!  You have to ask yourself the big question - were they protecting him from human rights abuses in Russia, or were they storing him for use in the big Zio-American war being conducted through the use of pawns like ISIS?

"21WIRE calls out US Media for hyping fake ‘Active Shooter’ event at Andrews Base" ""Hello False Flag" Another Active Shooter Drill in Maryland at the Same Time Reports of an Actual Shooter?"  An aborted false-flag 'terrorist' attack.

"At Home and Abroad, Most People Agree That Americans Are Greedy and Arrogant Jerks".  "A Policy of Non-Intervention in Venezuela Would Be a Welcome Change".

It's remarkable.  The British media had already crowned Boris, so somebody really powerful must have threatened something awful to have him scurry away as he did.
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