Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Feeling the Bern

"Exclusive: Canada isn't being totally honest about its plan to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia" (also):
"New documents obtained by VICE News reveal that the Canadian government is providing military bases, staff, and resources to test-drive the heavily armored, and highly-controversial military vehicles being purchased by the Saudi government. They also prove that, despite what the government of Canada has said, this is not just a deal between a private company and a foreign country: It is a deal between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Canada itself.

The revelation directly contradicts statements from the Canadian government contending it is just a passive participant in the deal to sell the vehicles, commonly referred to as the 'LAV III', to the Middle Eastern absolute monarchy."
"The documents reveal that the deal itself, thought to be between General Dynamics Land Systems Canada and the Saudi government, was in fact between Canada and Saudi Arabia itself.
Included in these documents was a presentation made by Martin Zablocki, president and CEO of the Canadian Commercial Corporation, at the headquarters of Global Affairs Canada, which houses the country's foreign affairs and international trade ministries.
"The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) signed a contract with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on (redacted) for the provision of Light Armored Vehicles manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems Canada (GDLS-C).
"The CCC is the prime contractor and GDLS-C is the sub-contractor."
That fact is in direct contradiction to talking points from Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion.
"First of all, the government is not approving this contract. The government is simply refusing to cancel a contract approved by the former government, a contract between a private company and Saudi Arabia," Dion told a Senate committee in February."
Dion straight up lied about it to a Senate committee.

"Police Robot Killing?". This jury-rigged sapper robot must have been already prepared to carry a bomb, and authorities were just waiting for the occasion to set the precedent of using it, in this case where people would be sympathetic to police losses and thus unwilling to question the execution.

A lot of people feeling the  Bern today.  It was just a stunt!  He walked away with not one tiny enforceable concession from the neoliberals!  "How U.S. And UK "Liberals" Disfranchise Their Party Members".  Two takeaways:
  1. tremendous fear in the elites of allowing people to vote, accomplished by back-room machinations to leave but one candidate to choose from;
  2. almost unbelievable lack, not just of moral and decent and competent people (for that is understood), but of anybody but the dregs willing to run for office, with Theresa May being one of the few people in the universe who could make the Pig Fucker look good in comparison.
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