Thursday, July 21, 2016

Former military officer with knowledge of the events

"Nice, France: A Harvest of Horror"  The non-specific false flag:  create the conditions for a revenge kind of attack due to the inevitable results of your Zionist colonialism, put possible perps on a 'watch list' which you have no intention of monitoring, and then, once the statistical certainty of an attack ensues, use the attack for the political basis of more of the same conditions which led to the 'terrorism' in the first place!  Wars For The Jews are the first successful perpetual motion machine!

"Official 9/11 Narrative on Life Support".  No it's not (as usual, the comments are mostly much better than the article)!  The Saudis have always been blamed, they've just added a tiny bit more detail.  The Commission removed the direct connection to Bandar Bush through his wife, and this has been reinstated, no doubt as part of the dissatisfaction with Bandar Bush's involvement in recent Saudi foreign affairs, which angers and embarrasses the US State Department.  The Official Story promoted by the (((media))) and the Commission - that the poor defenseless liddle US of A is the completely unprovoked victim of a handful of mostly Saudi individuals, and failure to do anything to stop the attack, despite watch lists and multiple organizations dedicated to protecting Americans, not to mention NORAD, is attributable completely to understandable human error (which can be fixed by promoting all those involved and massively, massively increasing the funding of the toothless watchdogs, not to mention continuing the series of Wars For The Jews which led to the problem in the first place) - is still completely in place.

"The People Will Decide in Turkey" by Israel Shamir.  The best thing I've read on the coup.

". . . a former military officer with knowledge of the events told Reuters."  The laughable hoax coup story - as if Erdoğan would gamble his life on the hopes that the people really would come out to support him with only his tiny social media lifeline to rely on, in a country, Turkey, famous for its history of successful military coups!!! - immediately formulated as a deflection by the Americans and the Gülen PR apparatus (speaking of which, have a laugh at this), rests entirely on this Rothschild story about the failure to shoot down Erdoğan's plane (plus a general sloppiness in execution, typical of coups as the number of people in the loop has to be kept to a minimum), based on an anonymous 'former military officer with knowledge of the events'.

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