Sunday, July 10, 2016

I'm baffled too

"The Chilcot Report: There is Truly Nothing to See Here", especially "II. The Road to War".  It's not complicated at all.

"Lies, spies and the story Chilcot missed". The American conspiracy to attempt to blackmail staff of UN Security Council members to ensure votes for war on Iraq.  "Eyeballing Frank Koza and the National Security Agency".  Note that the (((American media))) refused to cover the story:  "Profile: Frank Koza".  Katherine Gun: "I'm just baffled in the 21st century we as human beings are still dropping bombs on each other as a means to resolve issues."  How will (((Hollywood))) spin this?:  "Hollywood beckons for whistleblower who risked jail over Iraq ‘dirty tricks’".

"Julie Roginsky: What happened to me after I discussed Trump's star of David tweet".  The (((media))) industry of spinning lies about Trump and then obsessing about the nature of the utterly justified backlash by the long-suffering victims of the system.

"Christmas Tree Bomber’s Appeal Puts FBI Entrapment In Spotlight"

"Anatomy of a Failed Coup in the UK Labour Party".  Truly pathetic effort, failing to note the (((real cause of the problem))), and the writer can't possibly be stupid enough not to know.  Comments are good.

"This is how the CIA's first captive after 9/11 described his years of torture". There is a register where you can find if sex offenders live nearby.  Shouldn't there be a similar register for CIA employees?  I'm serious.  These monsters are infinitely more dangerous that the average pervert.

"The Clinton Foundation?"  The policy-bribery connection is too dangerous for official Washington to touch.

Best Dowd in years:  "The Clinton Contamination" (note the Washington faux pas of calling Barry 'Barry' and 'the Clinton Under Toad'!).

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