Saturday, July 09, 2016

Killer robot

"DALLAS MAIDAN: Staged Snipers Designed to Inflict 7/7 ‘Strategy of Tension’".  It certainly follows the pattern in all the main details.

"Why Dallas Happened":
"Police violence is also out of control because of the revolution in police training which teaches police to protect themselves and to subdue the suspect regardless of cost. A number of former police officers have written to me that the reason they gave up the occupation is that today police are being trained to be killers like soldiers."

"Don’t Mention the War! the Race War, That Is".  Dallas, has a deep history of extremist white racism at the very top (it was part of the JFK assassination), and setting up a race war fits perfectly with the views of the crazies, but isn't good for business generally, and so would be suppressed by official American government agencies and assets.

"Legal Experts Raise Alarm over Shocking Use of “Killer Robot” in Dallas".  Weak mewling, so police replacing the entire judicial system, drone-style, when they feel like it is the new normal.

"If East Aleppo Falls to Regime, is the Syrian War over?"  "Major Syria Developments Soon?"  It is looking like the thwarted bloodlust in Syria will be assuaged by more killing in East Ukraine.

"Chilcot: Internal memos show Syria may have been on the agenda since 2001" Jews have had a plan based on Yinon for decades ("‘Egypt the Prize’").

"More Obscuration from the British Establishment":
". . . Sir John’s assigned task under the guise of an “impartial inquiry” was to absolve former UK PM and war criminal Tony Blair not of all responsibility but of all responsibility deserving of prosecution.
Sir John’s report is akin to FBI director Comey’s report on Hillary: They did it but they didn’t do it enough to be prosecuted."
I noticed that somebody was reading this: "Retalix and the Israeli Dallas spy cell"
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