Friday, July 15, 2016

Lee Harvey Johnson

Fuck it's a busy day.

"Carnage on Bastille Day: ‘Terror’ Attack in Nice – French Airstrikes on Raqqa?"

"France’s Zionist Prime Minister: A Review of Emmanuel Ratier’s “Le Vrai Visage de Manuel Valls” — Part 2"  "French PM Manuel Vas [sic]: ‘We Must Learn to Live with the Terror, Like Israel’".  Actually, Europe, it is e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y simple:  you will lose a good deal of your wealth and standard of living, and will have to live in constant debilitating terror, if your governments keep supporting Israel and the massive series of Wars For The Jews - conversely, if you stop this stupid supporting of Pure Evil, it will take some time, but you will get your lives back.  Which will it be?  False flag or real terrorism, everything depends on making a seriously terrible choice on just one big issue.  Unfortunately, your electoral systems have been set up to make it impossible for the stooge politicians to be controlled by the will of the people, so direct action may be necessary.

"Do You Want to Stop Terrorism? Here’s How …"

"Oswald was tried at a court-martial twice: initially because of accidentally shooting himself in the elbow with an unauthorized handgun and again later for starting a fight with a sergeant he thought responsible for the punishment he received from his first court-martial. He was demoted from private first class to private, and briefly served time in the brig. He was not punished for yet another incident; while on sentry duty one night in the Philippines, he inexplicably fired his rifle into the jungle. By the end of his Marine career, Oswald was doing menial labor."  "Still No Explanation For Dallas Gunman's Honorable Discharge".  There is always an incident which draws attention to the patsy, and makes the authorities think he has the personality for this kind of operation.

"Military Coup: Turkish Armed Forces Say They Have Taken Control Of The Country - Live Feed"
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