Monday, July 25, 2016

Lock her up!

"This Is Truly Comical".  I see nothing comical about this.  WikiLeaks is dedicated to keeping the identity of its leakers hidden, and there is no evidence whatsoever of which hackers obtained the information.  The wicked fantasies of (((one group))), and (((one group))) only, are behind this.

If you want to see something comical, this is comical:  "Bernie Sanders Campaign To Sanders Supporters: Stop Shouting 'Lock Her Up!'".  Can you imagine a political convention where a significant number of the delegates are calling for the presumptive nominee to be jailed?

Speaking of going to jail (for selling offices):  tweet (Jake Tapper):
"Wikileak of DNC finance chair asking team for names of folks (donors) who want to be on boards and commissions "

"#DNCLeaks and The Paranoid Style In Elite Politics"

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