Friday, July 01, 2016

Rule by clowns

"The Billionaire Pedophile Who Could Bring Down Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton"  "Alan Dershowitz and 2 Other Lawyers Settle Suit and Counter Claim"  "Did Dershowitz Pay Big Bucks to Settle Sex Case?"

The elites disappointment in, and complete rejection of, democracy is suddenly everywhere.  "In Response to Trump, Another Dangerous Movement Appears"  "'Ignorant Masses' Warn 'Elites' - "Go Ahead, Rise Up... But Be Careful What You Wish For""  "Everything Is Fucked Up And Bullshit".

"The Brexit reshuffles world geopolitics"

"Victory for Brexit In EU Referendum: Working Class Brits Stick Two Fingers Up At the Political and Financial Elites"

Manafort/vote fraud.

"The German sado-monetarists seek to destroy the EU!"  Seems to be bad timing when it is suddenly fashionable to save yourself by leaving.

"Guardian sinks into gutter on Corbyn – again".  The Jews, in their relentless and obnoxious pursuit of their group supremacist goals, are forcing considerable ultra-realism out into the open:  "Jeremy Corbyn is neither nice nor decent – he is a nasty bully and an embarrassment to the country"  "Chief Rabbi condemns 'offensive' Corbyn anti-Semitism comments"  Excellent stuff!  Note the success in standing to to these thugs, just what the average person wants to see.

"Neither Corbyn Nor Labour Need the Rebel MPs" The rebels are doing everybody a favor by cleaning the excrement out of Labour.

The Rothschild list:  "Another Terrorist Watchlist Leaks, This One Compiled By Thomson Reuters".

"Corbyn: Clowns to the left of him, Jokers to the right"
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