Sunday, July 03, 2016

The reasoning of lemmings

"The ineptitude of the failed Corbyn coup".  Not only did the coup plotters do something really stupid and wreck their political careers - though some will be rewarded with appointment to the House of Lords, and some will end up in a rump party of some sort - they appear to have jumped into this without any thought of the consequences.  Lemmings leaping off the cliff, hoping to land on the roof of a helicopter passing by.

Think about this for a minute.  How can this possibly be happening?  These people aren't stupid.  They are aware of polling, and the deep and wide support in the party for Corbyn.  They know they cannot possibly succeed.

There is literally only one possible explanation.  World Jewry, terrified at the likely prospect that the next election will yield a Prime Minister of Britain who is profoundly pro-Palestinian, has decided to blow up and destroy the entire Labour Party.

You can see why realism is necessary to understand the world, and necessary for self-preservation.
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