Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ahead by a century

"Is the Shadow Brokers leak the latest in a series?":
"With the authenticity of the Shadow Brokers files being confirmed, the biggest question is: who leaked them? There's a small chance that it was a stupid accident in which an NSA hacker uploaded his whole toolkit to a non-secure server and someone found it there.

Somewhat more likely seems the option that they came from an insider, and in that case, this leak doesn't stand alone, but fits into a series of leaks in which, since October 2013, highly sensitive NSA data sets were published.

So almost unnoticed by the mainstream media and the general public, someone was piggybacking on the Snowden-revelations with leaks that were often more embarrassing for NSA than many reportings based upon the documents from Snowden.

Again, obtaining such documents through hacking into NSA servers seems less likely than the chance that someone from inside the agency took them. If that person was Edward Snowden, then probably someone with access to his documents could have started his own crusade against NSA.

If that person wasn't Snowden, then it's either another NSA employee who was disgruntled and frustrated, or a mole for a hostile foreign intelligence agency. For an individual without the protection of the public opinion like Snowden, it must be much harder and riskier to conduct these leaks than for a foreign state actor.

Former NSA counterintelligence officer John Schindler also thinks there could have been a (Russian) mole, as the agency has a rather bad track record in finding such spies. If this scenario is true, then it would be almost an even bigger scandal than that of the Snowden-leaks."
From the article in the link above:
"However, it’s far more likely that this information was stolen by an insider. There’s something fishy about the official story here. It’s far-fetched to think a small group of unknown hackers could infiltrate NSA. Furthermore, explained a former agency scientist, the set-up implied in the account given by The Shadow Brokers makes little sense: “No one puts their exploits on a [command-and-control] server…That’s not a thing.” In other words, there was no “hack” here at all.

It’s much more plausible that NSA has a Kremlin mole (or moles) lurking in its ranks who stole this information and passed it to Russian intelligence for later use. This isn’t surprising, since NSA has known since at least 2010 of one or more Russian moles in its ranks and agency counterintelligence has yet to expose them. In truth, Snowden—a mere sysadmin, never the “spy” he claimed to be—was a Kremlin patsy, giving Russian intelligence cover to protect its actual moles lurking inside America’s most powerful intelligence agency.

NSA has a dismal counterintelligence record—its ranks having been penetrated by Kremlin moles over and over again since its establishment in 1952. I know because I used to work for agency counterintelligence and I located such moles. NSA leadership was never very eager to find them, knowing the bad headlines their exposure would bring, and repeated warnings from security experts led to no real action. So here we are, three years after Snowden, dealing with the awful consequences of allowing Russian moles to run amok inside NSA."
"Confirmed: hacking tool leak came from “omnipotent” NSA-tied group".  Confirmed by Kaspersky, with strong ties to the Russian government:  "The Company Securing Your Internet Has Close Ties to Russian Spies".

Letter from Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer trying to negotiate the cushy plea bargain that would eventually be granted, saying what a great guy he is and questioning what is a 'child' anyway (!), in which, on page 22, he states:
"Mr Epstein was part of the initial group that conceived the Clinton Global Initiative . . ."
"Hillary scrubs sexual assault pledge after allegations against Bill resurface".

Thinking based entirely on Yinon:  "Obama and Hillary DID Found ISIS - This 2012 US Government Memo Proves It".

It would be nice if they had the common decency to hide the sham until after the election: "Yachting with the enemy: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner take the jet skis out and relax on Democratic Hollywood billionaire David Geffen's $200m mega-yacht off the coast of Croatia".

"Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet".  Excellent, and by Roger Stone!

Everybody in Canada has the sads about this, but the terminally ill frontman/poet's last tour is quite the story:  "The Friday OT: The Tragically Hip; Ahead by a century".  The story behind another notable song:  "Fifty Mission Cap references"
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