Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Democratic militarism

"The Coe Cult & ‘The Donald’ Election Scam".  Old School.

"The Diary of Anne Frank 5.0, an update".  You have to wonder if it will be quietly phased out of the curriculum, or will the mind controllers try to tough it out and carry on as if the family hadn't grasped their way to a mockery.

"Baroness Royall report reveals Oxford Labour students engaged in antisemitism".  What a great headline.

"The Exoneration of Milosevic: the ICTY’s Surprise Ruling".  Also:  "The Murder of Slobodan Milosevic".

"EU trade policy ‘close to death’ if Canada deal fails".  Note how they will pretend it has been approved and then no doubt claim that too many business deals have been made based on it for it to be reversed.  Hanging is too good for these scum.

"Khizr Khan and the Triumph of Democratic Militarism".  Trump got the yips on a very easy one inch putt (though he still didn't say the caricature of what he said that came out of the (((media)))).  "Why Did Khizr Khan Delete His Law Firm's Website?"

The 'stabilizers' destabilize:  "Tomgram: Nick Turse, The U.S. Military Pivots to Africa and That Continent Goes Down the Drain".
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