Wednesday, August 24, 2016


"Are the Clintons Israeli Agents?" by Philip Giraldi.  Good in and of itself (see also "Let’s talk about Russian influence"), but contains a reference by Giraldi to MEGA in the comments (I assume "he is not a Clinton" means MEGA isn't Hillary!):
". . . the FBI concluded that someone working in the White House was MEGA but they decided that they did not necessarily have enough evidence to convince a jury. He is still around and appears in the media. As I would prefer not to get sued I will not name him but he is not a Clinton (though he worked for them as well as for the two Bushes)."
which turns into a rousing game of 20 questions by the commentators and Giraldi, in which Giraldi shoots down initialed guesses of various favorite Jewish traitors (there is, needless to say, a long list), but hasn't yet shot down "Is it HI? (last name suggesting gross & disgusting)".

So alleged MEGA:
  1. is still around
  2. appears in the media; 
  3. worked for the Clintons;
  4. worked for Bush 1; and
  5. worked for Bush 2.

Martin Indyk might fit, starting out at AIPAC, going to WINEP, and almost fitting the "still around and appears in the media . . . worked for them as well as for the two Bushes" description, but he didn't work for Bush 1 (and in fact criticized Bush 1's handling of the Gulf War, though many of his WINEP associates did work for Bush 1).  Note that none other than Madeleine Albright restored Indyk's stripped security clearance, lost while he was American ambassador to Israel in an odd laptop story that sounds like a cover for something worse.
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