Friday, August 19, 2016


"Chris Arnade Rant Aug 17"

"UN admits role in deadly Haiti cholera outbreak".  Literally shitting on the people of Haiti.

"Uncovering the brutal truth about the British empire"

I highly recommend this podcast, particularly for those who dismiss conspiracy theory:  "Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder".

"George Schwartz Soros - The Oligarch Who Owns The Left"  (Atzmon).  "Synagogueisation".

"The Sentence for Hasidic Men Who Beat and Blinded a Black Gay Man: Community Service".   What Khazarocracy looks like. From the nice people who also bring you pinkwashing.

"The "Wounded Boy In Orange Seat" - Another Staged "White Helmets" Stunt"  Avaaz/Soros stooges:  "US Propaganda War In Syria: Report Ties White Helmets To Foreign Intervention".

Interesting analysis:  "Ford Announces Plans To Self-Destruct Starting In 2021"

"Could Trump Pull Off a Post-Party Coalition?".  Escobar on LSD.

They used to be a lot more careful not to show their hand:  "Jewish Labour Movement backs Owen Smith as next Labour leader".

It is physically difficult to stab somebody in the back while he is shaking your hand.
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