Monday, August 08, 2016

The thin tongue-skin of hope

"Official support for Israel boycott policy causes some Greens to fear for party’s future".  Oh, the horrible things that happen when you let people vote.

Jews win gold, silver and bronze medals in concern trolling:  "Black Lives Matter should change 'genocide' language — proudly".  By the way, this is the archetype of what we could call Jewish rhetoric - confusing the whole debate into a quibble about words.

Of course it is genocide, on any possible meaning of the term and has been since the very beginning of the Jewish land theft project.  They are intentionally killing a whole group of people in order to steal their land.  No question whatsoever. "The Black Lives Matter platform: How the Jewish community got distracted by one word".

"Israel pops up in Gulf riding Arab coattails".  Not domestically popular, and a move on the road to Saudi royal heads on pikes.

"Baku to host first trilateral meeting of Russian, Azerbaijani, Iranian presidents".  "Erdogan says talks with ‘friend’ Putin to start new page in Russia-Turkey relations".

"Washington’s Strategic Defeat: Erdogan Trumps Gulenist Coup" (Petras).

"Saudi Arabia is our most worthless "ally.""

"Nassim Telab Blasts Nate Silver About Election Odds in Series of Tweets"  Silver continues to try to push Hillary to a win on the basis of inevitability.

The thin tongue-skin of hope for America:  "Someone In Media Needs To Ask Hillary Clinton What Was Cut Out of Her Tongue…"
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