Thursday, August 04, 2016

Triumph of the Hil

"The Reluctant Enemy" (Shamir).

"How Not To Run An Anti-Trump Campaign".  There is a remarkable combination of gloating that Clinton is so far ahead that her win is inevitable - a tactic which has already failed against Obama and, absent vote fraud, Sanders - and cries of terror that Trump is going to win anyway.  The point of the exercise is not to beat Trump, but to convince themselves they haven't made the terrible mistake that they have made.

"Lurching Toward World War III".  The most disturbing thing to watch was the turn of the Democrat supporters of Hillary into utterly depraved warmongers.  She isn't even a charismatic speaker who could rouse them to blood thirst - no, they saw that all her donors were Traditional Enemies of Peace, and so blew with the shekel wind of war. They don't even seem to realize that they have become - and are intended to replace - the people they so despised during the Bush Administration.

"Lessons from the Deep State"  Napolitano makes the claim against Clinton that was made against Pollard!

"Russia debates Turkey".  Meta-analysis based on the sources of funding of the analysts. 

"Kerry's And Al-Qaeda's "Very Different Track" Attack On Aleppo Fails".  Someone continues to pay the salaries of the 'moderate' human organ eaters.
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