Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wine for children

"Stunning revelation: Wikileaks hack shows that Soros called the shots on US policy toward Albania".  "How Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cared for Democratic donors".  Will there ever come a point when people are brave enough to notice something which links all the 'donors'?

"96% Of Clinton Donations Went To The Clinton Foundation".  "$2 billion Clinton Foundation: 10% for aid, ~50% looted by Bill & Hillary. ‘Missing/deleted’ e-mails will prove Hillary sold US State Dept ‘favors’ for Clinton Foundation ‘donations.’ Short video summaries, 64-minute full documentary".

"Why Is the Pentagon Hiding the Number of Troops in Iraq and Syria?"

"Tory donor court report pulled from Guardian website".  Streisand effect.  Part of the judgment:
 "In her statement, she showed that she was allowing an
average of 50 per bottle for the wine. It seems to me that in the context of a claim under Schedule 1 to the Children Act, which must be for the maintenance of the child, I should not allow as high a figure as 10,500 per annum for wine, although I still allow a significant figure for wine."
"Algonquin College pulls plug on money-losing Saudi Arabian campus".  I'm waiting in great anticipation for the firings and resignations of all those administrators involved.

"Nuclear Blackmail and America’s Fantasy War with China"

"The Pictures Coming Out Of A Town Liberated From ISIS Are Stunning"  Note the weirdness of the American propagandists (Yinon-induced schizophrenia):  "The capture of the city comes on the heels of another set of rebels breaking a longstanding regime siege of the city of Aleppo, a major military success.".

Curious:  "Turkmen Commander: Manbij operation an initiative for joint and free life"

Unbelievable levels of crookedness:  "Labour NEC appeal was allowed by QC who worked for Tony Blair’s government"

"A camp tries to reinvent the Hebrew language, so transgender kids can fit in".  And pipe bomb makers sometimes accidentally blow themselves up.

"I Stacked Detainees Into Human Pyramids, Now I’m Endorsing Hillary Clinton"

"Facing Down the Panopticon".  Old-school tradecraft for everyone.
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