Friday, September 30, 2016


"The media loves Hillary — and it could cost her the election".  That should be (((media))).  Is it just me, or is everything - Brexit, Corbyn, US election - turning into a covert referendum on whether people want to live in a Khazarocracy?

She's been put in charge of the process of utterly wrecking the country by introducing the Eurotrash-style class of permanent politicians to Canada (for giving politicians permanent job security so they may be freed up to take the bribes more easily is the real reason for vote 'reform'), so this is hilarious:  "Maryam Monsef could be stripped of her citizenship without a hearing after revealing she was born in Iran".

"3 Years of Fighting Later, Syrian Army finally Liberates Old Aleppo".  The de-terrorization process doesn't advance the Ziowahhabican cause, so it is not 'news'.  Also not 'news' (you have to get your news these days from Iran or Russia):  "ABC, NBC Censor Largest Native Mobilization In Decades Against Dakota Access Pipeline".

"Why Did Cheryl Mills Require Criminal Immunity?".

"The Politics of Bombing" (Petras).

"Troubling Gaps in the New MH-17 Report".  "Four MH17 Questions — The Answers To Which Prove The Dutch Police, Ukrainian Secret Service, And Us Government Are Faking The Evidence Of The MH17 Shootdown".  This report is a bizarre propaganda relic, an anachronism long after Europe has come to realize how ridiculous and dangerous the war on Russia is.

"A beautiful situation in Syria or how to build a mousetrap, by Cat Motya".  There is an ongoing effort to protect Barry's 'legacy' by blaming the American bombing attack on the Syrian army on the Pentagon, or even on 'rogue' elements in the Pentagon.

This interview appears to have really hit a nerve:  ""Experts" Fail To Debunk Todenhöfer Al-Qaeda Interview".  I like that one criticism is that the interviewee is too fat as I remember the actor, the fat Osama bin Laden, the Americans paraded out to take credit for 9/11 when the real Osama inconveniently refused to do so.

"US Threatens to Arm Al Qaeda, ISIS with Anti-Air Missiles".  We can foresee the imminent end of commercial aviation.

"9/11 Truth 15 Years Later: The Toxic Content of WTC Dust and Debris".  I remember noting this years ago.  Must be all the thermite!

"Clemson University bans references to Harambe for promoting racism, rape culture".

No need to do this any more as there are plenty of 'journalists' around:  "Meet Guy Sims Fitch, a Fake Writer Invented by the US Government".

Tweet (Hayder al-Khoei):
"King Abdullah was a 'reformer'. Shimon Peres was a 'peacemaker'. Jihadists are 'moderate' rebels. All is not lost for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi."

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The 'turn'

Trump doesn't have to win the first debate, he has to win the third debate.  He's a showman with a connection to American televised fantasy ('reality shows') and American professional wrestling.  In the first debate, he played the 'heel'.  He now wants to execute a 'turn' to play the 'face', with an emotionally satisfying finality to the ending of the third debate.  The key to the debates is to see them as a series of American professional wrestling matches.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Daily rubber quota

"Father stares at the severed hand and foot of his five-year-old, severed as a punishment for failing to make the daily rubber quota, Belgian Congo, 1904".  "WATCH: ISIS Publicly Amputates Hands of ‘Thieves’". Nothing changes in imperialism.

"Todenhöfer: Interview With Al-Nusra Commander "The Americans stand on our side"".  "An ISIL member in İstanbul".

"Damascus Has Audio of Daesh Talks With US Military Before Strike on Syrian Army".  "Syria Claims To Have Recording Of Conversation Between ISIS And US Military Before Strike On Syrian Army".

"Leaked Isis documents reveal recruits have poor grasp of Islamic faith":
"The findings address one of the most troubling questions about Isis recruitment in the United States and Europe: Are disaffected people who understand Sharia more prone to radicalisation? Or are those with little knowledge of Islam more susceptible to the group's radical ideas that promote violence?

The documents suggest the latter. The group preys on this religious ignorance, allowing extremists to impose a brand of Islam constructed to suit its goal of maximum territorial expansion and carnage as soon as recruits come under its sway."

I can't stand to watch either of them, so I didn't watch the 'debate', but I gather Trump lost, badly, and the electorate doesn't seem to care.  If the voters fail to follow (((media))) cues, Clinton is finished, and it no longer matters what steps Trump takes to throw the election.

"The 2016 Presidential Election Comes Down to Only One Thing…".  On a 'revolt' analysis, the people being instructed by the (((media))) that Trump lost the debate is all the more reason to vote for him.  Once that mechanism sets in, every Trump 'failure' is another reason to vote for him.  Voting for Trump becomes resistance to (((media))) signalling.

"Yawn…Jews Are Furious Once Again" (Atzmon).  Very similar situation in Britain, where the Jews have bafflingly - well, not so much, as supremacists will always make the mistake of self-absorption - made themselves the issue, and target.

Newest American best friends, Tatars:  "The Coming Of The Russian Jihad: Part I".  Explaining why Russia won't, and can't, desert Syria.

"How the Financing of Colleges May Lead to Disaster!".  Free tuition as a mechanism of funneling more government money to Wall Street.  It is telling that both Clinton and Trump are involved in the 'financialization' of education.  It is also telling how much government 'relief' is a method of allowing debtors to pay their lenders more easily and dependably.

"How Hacked Cameras Are Helping Launch The Biggest Attacks The Internet Has Ever Seen".  Focus on the named villain, the 'Internet of Things', and ignore the bot-masters, Israelis.

"Israel's $38 Billion Scam".

Monday, September 26, 2016

Turning point

"American Pravda: The Destruction of TWA Flight 800".  An excellent example of political cover-up and attacks on those who resist, who are called 'conspiracy nuts'.

"Bellingcat proves the Russians didn't do it."  "Another Kerry Rush to Judgment on Syria" (Parry).

"As the Syrian Ceasefire Collapses".  It was always just an attempt to slow down the de-terrorizing coalition long enough to get WWIII Hillary in office.

"Israel wants Syria destroyed as presaged by the Oded Yinon plan".

"Jordanian Academic Murdered for his Mockery of ISIS and his Support of Syria".

"CANADA: NDP Supporting White Helmets for Nobel Prize is a Serious Mistake! ~ Open Letter Written by John Ryan".  Tragically, and probably fatally, marred by swallowing the debunked pipeline thesis.  Facts matter.

"Things are bad, but I would posit that they have been this way for as far back into American history as you want to go. What has changed is the amount of information available to the average citizen. Thanks to cellphones and people employing social networking to spread news quickly, what goes on minute to minute has crossed the line into overload."

"Its Policy towards Haiti is a Shameful Episode in Canada’s Recent History".  All the grifters see Haiti as the biggest mark.

"A Turning Point in the US Presidential Campaign. What Happened?".  Trump is winning based on policy pronouncements, and the official Democrat response is no more than calling him names.  He should ignore Hillary in the debate and just keep pounding on his 100% winning formula, isolationism.

"81% of Americans oppose the $38 billion military gift to Israel".

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The list is never complete

"The War Against the Assad Regime Is Not a ‘Pipeline War’".  Rare truth, but even Porter has to obfuscate to remain respectable.  The credentialed classes deem it acceptable to blame the 'Pentagon' (and note this degree of comfort goes back to noamian propaganda), even though there is never any explanation for why the 'Pentagon' would care, rather than calling all these wars what they are, Wars For The Jews.  Nevertheless, it is good to read a hard evidence utter refutation of the Wars For Oil (or Gas) nonsense.

By the way, as obscure and impossible to find as the truth is, I think the 'millennials' get it, they know somehow that their lives are fucked - really, really fucked - directly as a result of the Wars For The Jews.  Thus no love for warmonger Hil.

"Syria - Conflicting Reports, Dubious Witnesses Challenge Convoy Attack Case".  "Attack on Humanitarian Convoy in Syria, Used by US as a “Propaganda” Tool".  The inevitable post-atrocity propaganda mills are in full operation.  Note how false-flaggy it is - either you or your proxies commit the atrocity, then blame the other side to attempt to get a no-fly zone so your proxies can operate without interference from Russian or Syrian air forces.  Remember no-fly zone is the Jewish prayer, and has been throughout.

"Hillary’s Secret ‘Ideas for Regime Change’ Program Gave Rise to Arab Spring".  Jared Cohen (Sweet Jesus:  "As a graduate student, Jared Cohen wangled a visa to Iran, where he hung out at Internet cafés and house parties fueled by bathtub gin. From there his journeys took him to beach parties in Lebanon, Palestinian refugee camps, raves in Syria organized using Bluetooth and other places not usually frequented by nice Jewish boys from the Connecticut suburbs."!), the guy who runs the political division of Google.

"The Deep State's Candidate?" (my emphasis in red):
"Though millions of Muslims have been systematically killed, maimed or made homeless by the US/Israel axis, Muslims are relentless depicted as crazed killers or out-of-control rapists. In February, there was a report of 51 Middle Eastern sexual molesters being beaten up in Murmansk, Russia. After checking the Russian press, Jonathan Revusky emailed me, “Think about what was being claimed. 51 refugees getting their asses kicked by… well… presumably at least as many Russians, so 100+ people in a massive brawl, right? This is the claim, and it’s getting echoed in the echo chamber and the local cops, who never heard of any such thing happening, they go to the place, look at the CCTV footage, interview people and AFFIRM/ATTEST/CERTIFY that this shit never happened […] The biggest single take-away from all of this sort of thing is that there is a massive propaganda effort underway to vilify Muslims. There really are these people who are paid, probably six-figure salaries, to just sit around and make up calumnies. […] Not only do these people (we know who they are, the Zio bastards basically) have probably millions of dollars to spread this stuff, but they also have a pretty good understanding of mass psychology, how to propagate myths, like urban legends.”"
"Iceland's capital bans all Israeli products".

"Complete List of Tumblr Genders (SO FAR)".

Conspiracy theory:  "How Theresa torpedoed Cameron and Boris Johnson said Leave would LOSE: Explosive new book by No10 spin chief reveals the inside story of Brexit".  Was this May's way to get Cameron's job?  Was Boris in on it?

"The investigators have not determined conclusively that the Shadow Brokers group is affiliated with the Russian government, but that is the presumption, said one of the people familiar with the probe and a fifth person."  'A fifth person' is a new, and particularly clumsy, judymillerism.  Why does Rothschild separate the four anonymous propagandist sources from the fifth?

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Stirring endorsement

Unfortunately Corbyn is too nice a guy to do what he should do, a process involving guillotines and firing squads, but he should at least restore the purged real Labour loyalists.  It is curious that we are seeing the exact same extremely heavy partisan (((media))) participation in the attempted Corbyn coup and the American Presidential election, and in both cases sheer visceral (and justified) hatred of the (((media))) means their attempt at manipulation backfires.  Also, huge involvement by a (((particular identifiable group))), making the vote a referendum on whether people consent to be slaves to the echo.

"When Nation magazine covers the Syrian war: Syrian writers against US and Russian military intervention in Syria".  The Nation has long been nothing more than a Zionist joke, and of course the bigger picture is that Zionist control of 'progressive' media destroys any credibility such media might have.

"The US road map to balkanize Syria" (Escobar).  But obviously Yinon, not the hydrocarbon obfuscation.

"Charlotte Riots Show Hallmarks Of George Soros Operation".  "How “The Syrian Campaign” Faked Its “70% Fleeing Assad” Refugee Poll".  I like to group similar things together.

"ANOTHER KNOWN WOLF? NYC Bombing Suspect Probed by FBI, Leading to Bigger Questions".  A nap in a doorway.

Tweet (WikiLeaks) (I wonder who the redacted 'journalist'/traitor is):
"New FBI-Clinton doc shows that State Dept was tipped off about WikiLeaks publications by "media" and managed to frequently censor stories."

"Why is Clinton using Trump to promote Republicans?".  Due entirely to Clinton personal power grasping, the Democrats could end up with Clinton losing and a net loss of Congressional seats.

"How Reddit Ruined The Hillary Clinton Campaign".

It is interesting that the Clintonistas are holding a whole country hostage on the issue of Supreme Court judicial picks.  That's their entire case for Clinton, and you have to know she'll pick just as badly as Trump!

Ecuadorian anti-corruption plebiscite which should be copied everywhere.

The alt-right on Parliament Hill in Ottawa:  "Did anyone go to this event Lmao".  "#CandlesOutForHarambe".

Tweet (Bobby Big Wheel) (in case the joke is too obscure, the style mimics Zodiac Killer cyphers):
"A stirring endorsement from Ted Cruz".

Friday, September 23, 2016

Red-handed throw-down.

Red-handed throw-down!

Drafting error

"The Case for Trump: Jewish Donors Abandon Trump".  Trump has broken the biggest Jewish scam of all, the idea that politicians have to spend billions at Jew-owned media outlets to have any chance of winning.  Trump's ongoing attempts to pander to the Jews by saying crazy things about Iran and hiring neocon advisers isn't working, as Big Jew has to defeat him to keep its massive political funding/spending scam going.  If he beats Clinton while spending a thirtieth (!!!) of what she is spending Big Jew's vile stranglehold over Americans is over.  This issue is indubitably the single most important issue of this campaign, so you won't read about it anywhere.  Think about how awful this is - the assumption is that all issues are irrelevant as long as you have more money to spend.

"EXCLUSIVE: The REAL Syria Civil Defence Expose Nato’s ‘White Helmets’ as Terrorist-Linked Imposters".  "White Helmets Deceive “Right Livelihood” and CodePink".

"Most Dangerous Person On the Planet Today: Hillary Clinton".  No contest.

"Why Hillary Clinton hasn't been able to leave Donald Trump in the Dust".  Marshall, still striving to be appointed Assistant Vice Under-Secretary of Goebbelian Operations in the Clinton Administration, tries to spin the fact that everybody hates her as minor problems in messaging (including her recent defense of Wells Fargo!).

"How Hillary Helped Ruin Haiti".

"Lula lambastes judge who ordered his trial".  The traitors have to find some way to remove Lula from politics and keep him away from voters or all the chicanery will be for nought.

Ban picked up his last delivery of shekels, the end of an extraordinarily embarrassing term as Secretary-General:  "Ban Ki-moon condemns ‘apparently deliberate’ Syria aid convoy attack".  Then somebody at the UN actually looked at the evidence:  "Syria: Attack on Aid Convoy Kills Twenty, Destroys Aid …".  A very hard sentence to find using search engines (I found it with Bing):  "But the U.N. revised a statement to remove the phrase "air strikes" and replace it with references to unspecified "attacks". U.N. humanitarian spokesman Jens Laerke said the original reference to air strikes was probably a drafting error, saying the U.N. was not in a position to determine if they were air strikes but was sure the convoy was "attacked."  Again, pure common sense - it makes zero sense for either the Syrians or Russians to gift the Americans with a distraction from the most recent American wrongdoing serving as the ISIS airforce. "Attack on Humanitarian Convoy in Syria ‘Provocation Aimed to Distract Attention’".

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rich perverts

"9 Weird Things About The NYC And NJ Bombs That Will Make You Say Hmmmm...".  "Another Terrorist, Another Past Connection With The FBI".  You do something to get noticed, the FBI then threatens you with prosecution to force you to 'cooperate', and, abracadabra, 'terrorism'.

The nothing-to-see-here standard Clintonista response to new revelations of Clinton crimes:  "Desperate Republicans Are Now Investigating A Reddit Post".  But:  "The Hidden Smoking Gun: the Combetta Cover-Up".  I wonder if there is another Clinton email address that Combetta successfully hid with the help of Reddit advice.  "House Oversight Committee Orders Reddit To Preserve "Oh Shit" Guy's Posts".

Classic Clinton:  "Clinton Foundation's Latest Scandal Involves Payments For "Exclusive Access To New Lime Production" In Haiti".

Comment at Naked Capitalism by Jim Haygood on the aptly-named Anne-Marie Slaughter.

"Russia asks for formal UN investigation of convoy attack.".  "Russian Military: US Coalition Predator Drone Spotted at Time & Place of Syria UN Aid Convoy Attack".  "Did U.S. Attack Syrian Aid Convoy Just to Blame Putin and Assad?".  You really have to ask yourself who benefits from an attack at this time that hides the known American wrongdoing at Deir Ezzor.  The answer is very easy.  They treat us like fools.

"China Joins Russia in Syria: Shaping New Anti-Terrorist Alliance".

"Scandalous but not surprising: Physicians Without Borders praises Saudi relief work in...YEMEN".  Physicians Without Borders used to be not that bad, but I detect a recent Jewening.

There is a very good reason World Jewry needs absolute control using its treason agents over the Federal Reserve:  "Yellen Responds To Trump".

"Democracy’s Last Chance":
"Many people I spoke to already repeat, word-perfect, the new post-Brexit-vote mantra: “Only retired old folk and unemployed racists voted for Brexit.” Mrs Clinton provided the name for them: The Deplorables. This American name for perspective Trump voters fits the Brexit voters like a glove. A Deplorable is a person who does not subscribe to the ruling neo-liberal paradigm and its twin sister, identity politics.
Clinton spoke of deplorables at her meeting with the rich perverts of Wall Street, at a hundred thousand dollar a seat. Breaking the banks or providing jobs will not help you, the holy LGBT victims of white male persecution, she said. Sure, but it will help us, the working people. We do not care for unisex lavatories, we do not obsess about female CEOs. We have other worries: how to get a secure job and a decent house and provide for our children. This makes us deplorable in the eyes of rich perverts.".

"‘My God, that’s Kimberly!’: Scientist solves perplexing mystery of identity thief Lori Ruff".  "Woman From New England Leaves Family, Creates New Life".  The New Underground Railroad.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


"What happened to the Red Crescent convoy?".

"Deir Ezzor Attack Enables The "Salafist Principality" As Foreseen In The 2012 DIA Analysis".  It all leads back to Yinon.

"House Committee Demands Interview With "Oh Shit" Guy By Friday At Noon Over Reddit Thread":
"Clearly, this is a potentially extremely embarrassing issue for the FBI if a random analyst was able to uncover relevant facts regarding Hillary's email scandal that were seemingly hiding in plain sight while somehow evading the FBI's "thorough" investigation.  The only question now is how FBI Director Comey chooses to handle the embarrassment.  We see two potential paths, including: 1) pursue Combetta for potentially excluding relevant disclosures during his FBI interview process or 2) bury the story as quickly as possible in an effort to save face."
"With Trump Regaining North Carolina Lead, Hillary Unexpectedly Postpones Local Fundraiser "Without Reason"".  Now the eyes.  And toes.  The new term for those who notice the Weekend at Bernie's stunts of the Clintonistas is 'healthers'.

"The Courtiers and the Tyrants".

"New Economic Study Indicates EU-Canada Trade Deal Will Cause 'Unemployment, Inequality And Welfare Losses'".  We probably should stop being shocked by this.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Working theory

"Dear FBI, This Is Intent: Hillary's "Oh Shit" Guy Sought Reddit Advice On How To "Strip VIP's Emails"".

"Peak Kinnock".  More on the charity scam.

Tweet (Jeffrey St. Clair) (Mother Jones is a joke):
"I'm sure the editor of MoJo somehow accidentally elided the word "ditching" from this sentence. @DrJillStein"
"UC Berkeley reinstates Palestine course, but tried to change content".

"UK: London church accused of 'anti-Semitism' for Israeli checkpoint exhibition".

"Syrian War Report – September 19, 2016: ISIS Obtains Air Force".  "Why US Had to Kill the Syrian Ceasefire".  "America’s Worldwide Impunity".  American humor:  "US builds working theory on cause of Syrian airstrike".

"Caught Up In The Corbynista Cull".  "Who Are The Real Entryists?".  "Labour’s Witch Hunt".  Here's hoping that the Blairite outrages cause such anger that there is a real purge after Corbyn wins.

Why are so many links from Twitter to Facebook broken?

"The Terrorism Tax hits Europe".  Who knew or could foresee that pandering to Wars For The Jews and the building of the Zionist Empire would be a very expensive luxury that nobody could afford?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Not the best tradecraft

Dunno, but initial reports of an idiot 'terrorist' making obvious mistakes points to yet another doofus guided by an FBI handler (my emphasis in red):  "Investigators say the men may have accidentally disabled the bomb, which police found intact attached to a mobile phone belonging to the family of Ahmad Khan Rahami."  The 'attack' certainly took the American mass slaughter of Syrian soldiers off the news.

Guess the meds

"Leaked: Source Reveals Coordination between US, ISIS in Attacking Syrian Army".  "US airstrikes on Syrian airbase intentional, says aide to Assad".

"Deir al-Zor: Was it really an accident?":
"Could it have been a real targeting error?  Yes.  People here on SST who have participated in air targeting know how easy it is to make a mistake.  But, there are some unusual things about this "error."  The SAA has been occupying these positions for six months or so.  Presumably US imagery and SIGINT analysts have been looking at them all that time and producing map overlays that show who is where in detail.  These documents would be widely available especially to air units and their targeteers.  US coalition led air has not struck previously in the Deir al-Zor area.  Why now?  Were they asked to strike?   The US does not talk to the Syrian government.  How would they have been asked?  Who would have designated the targets?  They struck in the presence of SAA troops without any ground liaison?  And what of the timing two days before the US-Russian deal was to be expanded into active cooperation?
And then there is the performance of Ambassador Samantha Power at the UN last night and today.  Last night she threw a hissy fit for the cameras outside the chamber in which the Security Council was meeting.  She seemed outraged to have had her Saturday Night interrupted for something as trivial as the Deir al-Zor attacks.  One can envisage her snuggled up with a good book in her apartment in the Waldorf Towers only to be be ripped away for this meeting.  And then, today she made a longer statement on Tee Vee in which she first expressed the regret of the US government for the devastation we had wrought, and then set forth her bill of particulars against the Syrian government, a statement so fulsome in its loaded up R2P/Borgist assertions (routine Chemical attacks on THE PEOPLE, etc.) that it is obvious that for her the SAA are as much the enemy as IS.  I conclude that she must think that bombing the evil SAA was a good thing.  She does not exist in a vacuum.  SECDEF Carter is a thoroughgoing  Russophobe.  General Votel, the US commander in Iraq and eastern Syria has expressed doubt about the wisdom of cooperating with the Russians.
IMO it is an open question as to whether these air strikes on the SAA were accidental."

"Samantha Power walks out during UN Russian speech over US bombing of Syrian army":  "This is an unprecedented contempt".  Or you could just call it utter incompetence at diplomacy.  We've recently seen the United States paying a price for this (China, Philippines).

"Russia to Samantha Power: We ain’t got time for political whores—go away".  Correctly tying the bizarre undiplomatic aggressiveness to World Jewry.

"CNN Edits Out Hillary's Reference To NYC Explosion As "Bombing"".  I imagine it is now a game in medical schools to try to guess what medication is causing each day's side effects.

"Clinton’s Basket of “Deplorables”" by Glen Ford.

"Florida mosque arsonist shared extreme pro-Israel propaganda"

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Peak neocon

You know you've reached peak neocon when your government is providing air support for an ISIS attack on the Syrian Arab Army while ISIS is taking credit for a stabbing attack in Minnesota.  When you are as utterly Jewed-up as the United States now finds itself the concepts of allies and enemies become meaningless.

Meaningless slogans and images of smiling brown people

"U.S., Israel Launch Airstrikes On Syrian Government Forces - Directly Supporting ISIS And Al-Qaeda".  "Russia Calls For “Emergency” UN Security Council Meeting Regarding US Bombing Of Syrian Military".  "Timing & other aspects of US strike on Syrian army suggest intentional provocation – Churkin".

"Today is Friday 16 September 2016".  "Vladimir Putin to Hillary: Get in the ring for round 2".

"America’s New Demons and the Second Coming of the Neocons".

"Hillary Strangelove and an Obama Flashback; Proposals for Hillary’s Campaign Slogan Taken".

"York University fires staffer for Facebook posts seen as anti-Semitic".  "York University fires employee for opposing genocide".

"Israel linked to suspension of Palestine course at UC Berkeley".

"Zionists plant “hate speech” on professor – then call the police".

"Out of office, into the woods: Stephen Harper's trip to secret Bohemian summer camp".

"Swedish appeals court upholds Assange detention order".  In the exact same way that O.J. is still looking for the real killer, Sweden is still striving to have that elusive interview with Assange.  If they only knew where he was!

"Who killed Vladimir Petukhov?".

"Facebook,, and the End of Net Neutrality".  This is a perfect example of the kind of hugely deleterious change made unnoticed in plain sight.  This neoliberal (Blogger spell check doesn't recognize neoliberal as a word) entrepreneurial 'charity' - Gates, the Clintons, Zuckerberg - is ruining the world.

"Money for Nothing".  This is the entirety of what capitalism is - finding new ways to leech.  Also (the Guardian is on life support, but there is still a faint pulse):  "Leaked documents reveal secretive influence of corporate cash on politics".

Right-wing political nonsense from, of all places, Counterpunch:  "Obama’s Dilemma: Justice for 9-11 Families or Saudi Arabia?".

Blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionism from, of all places, Counterpunch:  "The Israel Lobby, the Syrian War and the Meaning of Empire".

But this is fun:  "Roaming Charges: America’s Political CAT Scan".

"Emotional Obama Tearfully Thanks Trump For Granting Him Citizenship".  This would have been infinitely funnier had it been about a ceremony held after Trump's election to retroactively grant Barry citizenship.  Of course, only idiots read the New Yorker.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The (((media))) for Sid/Hil

"Donald Trump’s ridiculous claim that Hillary Clinton started the birther movement".  'Ridiculous'!  If you read the comments it seems that this kind of obfuscation has basically worked, despite the fact that the update in square brackets makes a mockery of the entire article.

"2 Clinton supporters in ’08 reportedly shared Obama ‘birther’ story".  As confirmation of Blumenthal's culpability, Asher, working for McClatchy, actually "assigned a reporter to go to Kenya"!  The damage that Hil's guru Sid has done to the world is incalculable, but massive.

Added:  "The moment Obama knew he would beat Hillary Clinton for the 2008 nomination".  Interesting reporting from the Post on another incident, not directly on point, but indicative of the aura of dirty tricks surrounding the ruthless Clinton campaign against Obama, not to mention an excellent example of how positively unhinged and vile and mentally unstable Hillary Clinton can be.

We should not lose sight of the fact that Clinton is running as the advocate of minorities against the evil white supremacists while having no compunction whatsoever against engaging in surreptitious racist attacks using her surrogates.

The Ur-Birther

The Ur-Birther:

  1. "Mark Penn, “senior strategist”";
  2. "Clinton aides claim Obama photo wasn't intended as a smear";
  3. "@HillaryClinton So why did your man #sidblumenthal spread the #obama birther rumor to me in 2008, asking us to investigate? Remember?";
  4. "Clinton Adviser Sid Blumenthal Spread Birther Story — Editor" (which explains why, despite Hillary's intense lobbying, Barry refused to hire Sid);
  5. "Hillary's email friend Blumenthal accused of spreading birther smear in 2008 after Clinton campaign admits volunteer did too".
Note that the standard official Hillary cover-up was that it was a 'supporter', who was promptly fired, who started birtherism (see here, here and, in truly embarrassing straw-man parsing, here), but it actually went right to the top, to Hillary's 'guru' Sid Blumenthal.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Copernican shift

"Profit From Pain: Who’s Behind America’s Opiate Epidemic?":  "The Copernican shift in medical Jewing . . . ".

"Colin Powell acknowledges 200 Israeli nukes".  "Colin Powell's E-mails".

"Andrew Korybko - Americans don't want a walking dead woman for president".

Comment at Naked Capitalism by RabidGandhi on the DNC office sale scandal:
"Re: Obama Sold Off Public Offices to Donors

A lot of folks got a bee in their bonnet when Obama nominated Noah Mamet (bundled $3 million for the Big O in 2012) to be US Ambassador to Argentina, but they clearly overlooked two advantages that show why Mamet was uniquely qualified for the job and thus there was no corruption. First of all, Mamet had the advantage of never having been to Argentina or South America, so he was starting with a blank slate, unlike other candidates who came with pre-conceptions and an over-understanding of regional history. Secondly, since he didn’t speak any Spanish when he got here, he has not been as easily distracted by the locals (who let’s face it, can really blab your ear off). He can thus better focus on his job.

I’m sure those other donors on the list are just as uniquely qualified. Sounds legit.".

Grifters gotta grift:  "Allegations of Fraud Surface Over “One Time” Donations to Hillary that Occur Repeatedly".  I'm reminded that they've never really nailed down how much loot Hil and Bill lifted from the White House on their way out.

"The Existential Madness of Putin-Bashing" (Parry).  Those few of us in the know can easily identify yet another Jewish story, the only explanation for otherwise baffling American official behavior against American self-interest.

"Billions in Taxpayer Money to Israel: How the NYT Hides Unsavory Facts from View".

"Arson of Orlando Mosque".  Money must be tight - usually they hire a goy for this kind of work.

"UC Berkeley Axes ‘Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis’ Course".

Tweet (David Sheen):
"Synagogue stabbing: In Jewish-only WB settlement, 1 Jew stabbed another Jew because “he believed he was a Christian”".

"The U.S. Bars Christian, Not Muslim, Refugees From Syria" by Elliott Abrams.  Curious how certain kinds of hate speech by a certain kind of people are allowed.  "The religious bigotry and ignorance of Elliott Abrams: about the minuscule number of Syrian refugees in the US".

"Pizza and Vodka Secrets Coming Out" by Israel Shamir.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The attack on Barry Manilow

"Obama hands Israel the largest military aid deal in history". There's the price of Barry becoming a billionaire.  Note also that these billions are just the beginning:
"The deal also includes an Israeli pledge to stop lobbying Congress for supplemental missile defense funding, which in recent years has accounted for as much as an additional $600 million for Israel in discretionary US funding each year.

But there are loopholes.

The pledge is “expected to be made in a side letter or annex to the agreement” and the “wording is likely to be flexible enough to allow exceptions in case of a war or other major crisis,” according to Reuters."

"Late Stage Lying: Pneumonia Theory vs. Parkinson’s Disease Theory; Doctors Chime In".  I like the input of M.D. Zadeh (sub-cortical vascular dementia).  See:  "'Traffic jam' in brain linked to common cognitive disorder" (just what Americans need from a President!):
"The resulting loss of healthy brain tissue adversely affects concentration and decision making and leads to problems with planning and organizing."
"Leaked Emails Show Colin Powell Was Worried About Hillary's Health Over A Year Ago"  "You can’t make this stuff up: Hillary Clinton was poisoned by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, says the Washington Post".

"Body double? Secret earpiece? Donald Trump fuels Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories".  There is a long history of Presidential impersonators in the United States, typically making their money from comedy.  They imitate appearance, mannerisms, and voice.  I'm personally sure, relying solely on my own lyin' eyes, that this appearance - quick and oddly far from any camera coverage (the media is obviously in the bag for Clinton) - was by an impersonator.  Given everything else we've seen, this would be the least of Clinton's deceptions.  Of course, the big problems arise when an impersonator won't do, and Clinton has to appear in public herself.

"About Those Mysterious Blue Sunglasses Hillary Was Wearing At The 9/11 Memorial Ceremony".  No one else was wearing sunglasses.

"Hillary Became Unelectable Long Ago".  There are so many, many reasons that it is difficult to settle on one, so health may be a handy and relatively non-judgmental compromise reason.

"Guess Who Colin Powell Is Talking About: He's "Still Dicking Bimbos At Home"".  Colin has a way with words!

"Democratic Super PAC to Pay for Dirt on Donald Trump" (no doubt after they found that evidence of Trump attacking Barry Manilow ensured Trump's landslide victory!):
"Correct the Record came up with the idea after the Huffington Post reported that someone was shopping around a video of Trump attacking singer Barry Manilow, which the news organization refused to pay for."

"This Is How Much It 'Costs' To Get An Ambassadorship: Guccifer 2.0 Leaks DNC 'Pay-To-Play' Donor List".  One of the most important recent leaks.

"Ford confirms small car production moving from US to Mexico".  Is it intentional that this announcement now plays right into Trump's anti-neo-liberalism, consistently the main theme of almost all his public appearances (though you'd never know it from the mainstream media)?

"John Kerry’s last hurrah: With the Syrian cease-fire, the secretary of state takes a parting swipe at Russophobia".  It is interesting that Kerry is usually fighting the Pentagon, but in Syria he appears to be siding with the Pentagon and fighting the CIA.  The only possible unifying conceptual framework is, of course, unsayable, as it is Wars For The Jews.

"The Leaked Montenegrin Government Files: Part I- A Rift Within NATO Confirmed".  Details of back-room diplomatic plotting of NATO expansion.

"A Summary of the Rothschild crime syndicate in Israel"

"China Ups the Game in the South China Sea" (Escobar).  Part of Barry's ongoing struggle to find allies stupid enough to go with him down his dark path.  Also:  "How Do You Handle a Problem Like Rodrigo Duterte?" and "Duterte’s Power Play: Rocking the US-Philippines Alliance".

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


"Newly Leaked Colin Powell Emails Confirm Clintons And Obamas Can't Stand Each Other".

"Did Hillary Avoid The ER To "Conceal Details Of Her Medical Treatment"?".  I don't think her doctors would have allowed her to avoid high-level and intensive medical treatment, but she had it in a (very) private clinic, the kind the 0.1% uses (probably paid for by a 'donor'), and they sent the Clinton impersonator out from Chelsea's as part of the political theater.

"CBS News Edits Out Embarrassing Verbal Slip in Bill Clinton Interview (UPDATED)".  'Frequently'.

"Did Clinton bring her personal DOCTOR to 9/11 memorial where she collapsed? Woman seen 'checking Hillary's pulse' may be her physician".

These right-ish independent or mildly Republican voters that Hillary is trying to court by throwing Bernie supporters under the bus are exactly the people who would never vote for somebody whose health made them untrustworthy with looking after American security interests in an emergency.

"John Helmer: Did Hillary Clinton Take Money From Russia Oligarch Oleg Deripaska for a Favor in the General Motors-Opel Deal?".  She seems to have pocketed the bribe and then reneged on the quid pro quo when she tried, and failed, to muscle some anti-Putin intelligence out of it.

It is funny that the United States has a long history of hiding extremely serious Presidential medical problems:  Wilson (Wilson's wife was the real first American female President), Roosevelt, Kennedy, and even Ronnie Reagan (utterly out of it for his entire second term!).

"Barbara Lee’s Lone Vote on Sept. 14, 2001, Was as Prescient as It Was Brave and Heroic".  Since political courage and intelligence is practically non-existent in this age of crappification, we should celebrate it whenever it occurs.  "Rep. Barbara Lee: Repeal 9/11 Authorization for Use of Force to Cancel Blank Check for Endless War".

"Ukraine and Poland: A Tortured History - And What It Means For Today".  The Poles, not the Russians, are the real, and deadly serious, enemies of the Ukrainian nation.

"David Cameron savaged by MPs for 'opportunistic regime change' in Libya"

Tweet (jb whitesnake):
"#Dodgydave quits politics".

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Random history in the era of Trump (while Hillary has a semi-secret fit):  "A Buried Coup D’état In The United States".

Latest diagnosis:  rabies!

"Washington Post - Mocking Conspiracy Theories While Creating Their Own".

"Hillary's Health: NBC Asks 9 Unanswered Questions".

"It's Time To Bring Back Bernie".  But they'll use Biden and not Bernie if their Weekend at Bernie's fails.

"Screw Loose Change respond to Jones et al".  You might want to ask yourself why there isn't more like this, why the palpable nonsense of the truthers goes completely unchallenged.  I know why.  There is no advantage to common sense.  Why take on the crazies and the stupids when it won't make any practical difference?  The waters are permanently muddied, just as the rulers want.

"Obama’s Ungraceful Exit from Air Force One, America’s Ungraceful Exit from Asia".  Like Biden's insulting greeting in Turkey.  Susan Rice lost her mind at the effrontery.

Meanwhile, prepping for the reign of Hillary (whose strong hand on those nuclear codes will be impressive if she isn't having her daily fit):  "Armageddon on the Steppe? - TTG".

"Pentagon And CIA At War In Syria" (Margolis).

Not a good sign:  "Former CIA Director To Bill Clinton Now An Adviser To Donald Trump".

"Images of starving Yemeni child reduced to bone surfaces on social media".

"Pro-Israel donor suspended by Labour".  "Corbyn investigating claims leadership contest is being rigged".

This is the kind of thing that gets Atzmon in trouble with the SJWs and those who try to piggyback on that sort of thinking:  "Is Bibi A Lizard?".

For the OED editors:  "I know Pepe and I know KEK but why is Pepe being called KEK?".

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Chelsea diet

Not even close.  Look at the body shape.  She's lost 30 pounds!

91 years

Some smart to start the day in these anniversary days filled with dumb:  "How building design changed after 9/11".

"Mainstream Media Meltdown: CNN, WaPo Front Page Chaos After Hillary Faints".

"Hillary’s Doctor Discloses Pneumonia Diagnosis Made Last Friday: Questions Abound".

I don't think it is over in the sense that all of the (((mainstream media))) will stop lying for her (that will never happen as long as there is a War For The Jews to be had), but it is over in the sense that her health is so precarious that they won't be able to keep her upright, or even alive, until the election.  The stress of the campaign, even in the bubble they've created, is literally killing her.  If she wasn't such an absolute monster you might feel sorry for her, another victim of Jewish violent group supremacism.

"How Israel Stole the Bomb".  A must read to understand the treason that swirls around Jewish violent group supremacism, not just amongst the Jewish traitors (where treason is to be understood as a given), but amongst the pliant shabbos goyim who cover up for them.

"Israeli Teens Arrested In Connection With ‘Majority’ of Recent DDoS Attacks".  The really shocking thing is that they have been arrested.

"Flock sticks with atheist United Church minister" (my emphasis in red):
"Jeanne Hamel has been a member of the United Church since its formation in Toronto, 91 years ago.

Today, as a longtime member of the West Hill United Church congregation in Scarborough, Hamel, 96, knows where her loyalties lie.

Hamel is sticking with Gretta Vosper, the United Church minister who was told by church leaders that she is “not suitable” because she calls herself an atheist and preaches about love without referring to Jesus Christ."

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Monster impersonator

My first thought on seeing the picture (and CNN is exactly like Soviet-era coverage of some sick and dying member of the Politburo!), which I saw before the bigger story, was 'what's Ellen DeGeneres  promoting?'  The entire posture and facial expression is wrong for Clinton.


You have to wonder if they'll just start using the impersonator full time to avoid similar accidents.

"Hillary Clinton reveals pneumonia diagnosis after stumble at 9/11 memorial".  They picked her up and threw her into the back of the van like they were handling a slab of raw meat.  "Video appears to show wobbly Hillary helped into van, leaving 9/11 event due to “overheating”; Update: Hillary headed home — without media; Update: More video added"  Scroll down for the wobbly video - yikes indeed.

"Story Changes Again, Now Hillary's Doctor Claims She Has Pneumonia":
"If Hillary has pneumonia, and passed out at an event, - why was she taken to her daughter's apartment and not a hospital? After all, she was as of today aware of her Friday diagnosis."
This 'Weekend at Bernie's' nonsense is becoming e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y entertaining.

ADDED:  two tweets by WikiLeaks.  And.

Basket of deplorables

Excellent analysis, worth memorizing:  "Jews Versus the Alt Right: Lessons from History".  Then read this for an example of its application right now:  "This Is Critical: Hillary Can't Back Down".  Or this.

When you give a speech while running for political office don't you stifle yourself when you are about to label a considerable number of the potential voters as a 'basket of deplorables'?  What possible advantage can this kind of talk get you?  The alt-right is beside itself with joy, and Romney's 47% is an apt comparison.

"Hillary Clinton Is Trying Really Hard to Repel Progressives".

"CNN says Al-Qaeda are ”heroes”"  "Isis Fighter Reveals Group's Expansion Plans if Defeated in Syria"

"A constitutional crisis': the CIA turns on the Senate" (read the whole thing - note how the system is set up to screw over whistleblower heroes like Daniel Jones):
"Senior CIA officials had assured the Senate that the personnel performing the interrogations were vetted rigorously. Former director Michael Hayden told the committee in 2007 that “all of those involved in the questioning of detainees are carefully chosen and screened for demonstrated professional judgment and maturity.”

It was not always true. The committee had learned that some CIA interrogators had records of violent acts in their personal lives – to include domestic abuse and even sexual assault. Even without listing names or pseudonyms, Langley refused to let that fact become public, no matter how tenuously connected to US national security it was."
I believe the traditional gift for the fifteenth anniversary is thermite.

Tweet (Lee Fang):
"Makers of Fentanyl, deadly opioid 50x stronger than heroin, gives $500k to campaign to keep marijuana illegal in AZ".
"Univision Caves To Legal Pressure, Decides To Remove Old Gawker Posts".  Haim Saban, the one-issue guy, now controls all the Gawker material.

The fine art of gentile management, prepping for Hillary's win.  "In Saudi Arabia, a revolution disguised as reform" by Dennis Ross.  "Getting Bill Out of the House" by Jeffrey Goldberg.

"NATO’s Expiration Date".

"UC Berkeley Offers Class in Erasing Jews From Israel, Destroying Jewish State".

"BUSH-HINCKLEY NEXUS: Reagan Gunman Released, Reviving Conspiracy Suspicions".

Saturday, September 10, 2016


"Businesses reveal who they will vote for in City of Sydney election".  Not The Onion.

"Wolf Blitzer Is Worried Defense Contractors Will Lose Jobs if U.S. Stops Arming Saudi Arabia".  Not The Onion.

"Obama will likely become the first ex-president billionaire".

"WikiLeaks release excludes evidence of €2 billion transfer from Syria to Russia".  Phony denigration of WikiLeaks is part of the Clinton campaign operations in anticipation of the big WikiLeaks drop.  WikiLeaks' appropriate response:  "It is disappointing to see Daily Dot pushing the Hillary Clinton campaign’s neo-McCarthyist conspiracy theories about critical media."  Neo-McCarthyist is exactly the right word for it too.  It is amazing to watch American liberals ape old Joe in their current quest to look for Reds under the beds.  "At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

"Rebellion in the Suites: Tax Collectors and Businesspeople" (Petras).  We're starting to notice that the profit of the hyper-profitable companies is the taxes they evade.

"The Sun: British secret services, not Russia, assassinated Boris Berezovsky".

"Israel Starts Home Demolitions in Syrian Golan, Plans Illegal Annexation, Opens “Corridor” for Syrian Al Qaeda".  Important escalation in thievery by the traditional thieves.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Help desk

"Feds arrest two men for hacking top intelligence officials" (oddly un-Russian):
"They got access to Giuliano's details, in particular, simply by calling an FBI help desk and asking the the person on the phone to reset his password."
"Obama-Duterte Blow Up: What the Corporate Media Doesn’t Get" (Madsen).  Barry's got color revolution DNA.

"Has Israel Effectively Colonized the United States?"

"Farewell Lokanta Maya: Istanbul and Local Culinary Pioneer Hit Hard Times"

"US-Turkey Annex Syrian Territory… With Crimea Double Think"

"Vladimir Putin's Presidential Chauffeur Killed In Horrifying Crash"  "NEW ANGLE: Putin Assassination Attempt kills Driver, new CCTV footage"

"Indians Staged One of the Largest Strikes in History, But No One on U.S. Cable News Covered It"

"Hillary Walks Away From Concussion Question As Press Avoids Emails, Clinton Foundation"

"Concentrating on Clinton Foundation Facts".  Incredibly long and varied list of scams. It's Grifter Hall of Fame level.

"NYT Shaming Of Gary Johnson Fails With Four(!) Hilarious Mistakes".  Confusion about ISIS and al Qaeda is actually part of a plan.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Brain damage

"The Unrelenting Pundit-Led Effort to Delegitimize All Negative Reporting About Hillary Clinton".  This is bizarre, as Greenwald offers up his own wild anti-Trump bias half-way through.  So I guess the media has an obligation to reveal just what a crook Hillary is but not so much that Trump wins.  The huge media shift that Greenwald notices was about getting Trump the nomination as Trump was thought to be Hillary's easiest opponent, and this is the famous scheme that Bill and Donald may have cooked up on the golf course.  It remains unclear whether the chip on Trump's shoulder has changed his plans to lose.

It is tellingly unheard of to read anything interesting on 9/11 these days, but this is good:  "Recovery Workers Reportedly Found the Black Boxes From the Planes That Hit the World Trade Center on 9/11, but Authorities Covered This Up".

"Is Putin a Lousy Dancer?" (Shamir).

"How the Christian Right's Sex Hangups Turn Zika Into a Bigger Crisis".  "Welcome To Post-Coup Brazil, Where Jews and “Christian” Zionists Run Wild".  "US beekeepers fear for livelihoods as anti-Zika toxin kills 2.5m bees".  "Is it right to launch mass chemical warfare on Zika mosquitoes?".  "‘Neurotoxin’: Floridians Freaked Out by Zika Mosquito Poison Spraying".  It's not like Floridians need any more brain damage.

Comment at Naked Capitalism by JimTan on Theranos on how things work for the 0.1%.

"Leftists leaving Israel?"

Who would have thought?:  "Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith opposes BDS".

"UK Jewish lobby calls on Labour to expel Livingstone".

"New York Times and the New McCarthyism" (Parry).  This has reached the point where it can only be described as treason.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Cough drop

"'Coughing Clinton' Shrugs Off Health "Conspiracy Theories".  "Clinton Campaign Unloads On NBC For Covering Hillary's "Coughing Attack"".  As Questions Emerge On "Pollen" Explanation".  This, and the Emperor's New Clothes efforts not to notice or shrug it off, is becoming ridiculous.  Can you imagine what the American late night shows would be doing if the uncontrollable cough belonged to Trump?  Note how the media is actively assisting in the cover-up.

"Does Hillary Clinton Have Parkinson’s Disease?"  "Impaired Efficacy of Cough in Patients With Parkinson Disease*"

It's Weekend at Bernie's, with the Democrats trying to drag the corpse of Hillary Clinton to the electoral finish line, presumably to end up with CIA asset President Kaine.  It has literally turned into a slapstick comedy.

"Mission Impossible" by Nick Turse.  The Pentagon's massive, and largely secret - certainly, no mainstream reporter will come near it - operations in Africa.

"Canada’s Colonial Past: The Bata Shoe Empire"

"US-Philippines Row Widens: Philippines Reminds US it is a Sovereign Nation".

"Why Is the US Aligned With Saudi Arabia?"

"Rebel/US/Turkish failure at Aleppo is absolute.".  "Erdoğan to Obama: There’s no good terrorist"!  Of course, this view, shared by all civilized people, is the exact opposite of the Basic Jewish Protocol of pitting gentile against gentile to let the Jews run up the middle, the protocol under which Barry is forced to operate if he wants those sweet, sweet retirement shekels.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Short for vasoline

"What Melania Trump’s Lawsuit Against Webster Tarpley Means for Alternative Media".  It is difficult not to side with the Trumps on this one.

"The Turkish roots of Israel’s politics: Inside the deep state".  A Turkish attempt to annex Kurdish areas of northern Syria would be very Israeli, with corresponding Israeli-style problems attached.

"Karimov Family Values".

"Olivier Roy on Islamization of Radicalization".

"U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections".  You need to read to the fifth paragraph:
"The official cautioned that the intelligence community is not saying it has “definitive proof” of such tampering, or any Russian plans to do so. “But even the hint of something impacting the security of our election system would be of significant concern,” the official said. “It’s the key to our democracy, that people have confidence in the election system.”"
In other words it is a legitimacy issue, legitimacy undermined by lying newspaper articles just like this one.

"Why did Keith Vaz protect Greville Janner?".  Some questions just answer themselves.  "Married MP Keith Vaz tells prostitutes in his flat: 'Bring poppers' ... 'We need to get this party started'"  "I saw up close how an establishment closed ranks over the Janner affair"

"Barack Obama cancels Rodrigo Duterte talks after insult"

Monday, September 05, 2016

Scary, creepy

"Biden Delivers Message To Turkey – It’s Not Personal, It’s Strictly Business".  Biden's apology to Erdoğan for trying to gaddafi him is to promise to gaddafi yesterday's American ally, the Kurds!  You'd think at some point somebody might figure out that the crooked Americans, dancing as a Jewish puppet, can't be trusted.

"The Game of War versus the Game of Life".  This is actually an example of the currently popular technique of 'credentialing': the opinion, lousy as it may be, of an Ivy League professor is used to excuse the indefensible.

"Dr. Drew Asked To Retract Hillary Health Comments - Received "Scary, Creepy" Phone Calls".

"Hillary Is Either A Liar Or She's Grossly Incompetent: "There Is No Other Interpretation Possible""  After all her brain damage, she kept forgetting where she left her Blackberries with all the classified information on them.

Reddit thread on people who disappeared, were assumed to have died, and then reappeared.

"Conspiracy Theory in America".  Nothing new, but well written.  The biggest conspiracy is the massive effort to label what most people know about politics as nutty 'conspiracies'.  Such a label removes the ability of people to discuss the issues - nobody wants to be seen as a nut- which means each individual thinks he or she is the only one who realizes the truth of the main political facts.  The 'conspiracy' and 'anti-Semite' labels pretty much keep us as slaves.

"The Terrorism Tax hits Europe".  Put more accurately, this is the massive - too huge to be contemplated - kosher tax we all pay for Jewish imperialism.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Bubble girl

From time to time, the desire to be recognized as being the 'elite' overwhelms the usual prudence of remaining in the dark:  "NYT: Hillary Not on Her Deathbed After All, Just Has No Time or Patience for You Commoners".

Is is simply amazing how her handlers are running the campaign with no contact whatsoever with the voters or even the media.  She talks to 'donors' only.  No unscripted questions, no press conferences, an occasional speech off a teleprompter (with her aides hoping she won't break into some kind of fit), and the only 'debates' shielded by the chivalrous Bernie who lobbed soft balls at her.

"Ignoring the Pentagon’s Multi-Trillion-Dollar Accounting Error":
"The thing is, the Pentagon has been at this dodgy game for decades. In 1996, Congress passed a law requiring all federal agencies to comply with federal accounting standards, to produce budgets that are auditable and to submit an audit each year. At this point, two decades later, the Pentagon has yet to comply with that law, and therefore cannot be audited.
It is the only federal agency that is not complying or, the IG’s report suggests, even trying to comply.
One would think that would be newsworthy, but apparently for the major newsrooms of the US, not so much."
I continue to be amazed by the irrationality of human behavior: "Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun". Since there is nothing that can be done, we'll just hold our noses and hope for the best.