Friday, September 16, 2016

Copernican shift

"Profit From Pain: Who’s Behind America’s Opiate Epidemic?":  "The Copernican shift in medical Jewing . . . ".

"Colin Powell acknowledges 200 Israeli nukes".  "Colin Powell's E-mails".

"Andrew Korybko - Americans don't want a walking dead woman for president".

Comment at Naked Capitalism by RabidGandhi on the DNC office sale scandal:
"Re: Obama Sold Off Public Offices to Donors

A lot of folks got a bee in their bonnet when Obama nominated Noah Mamet (bundled $3 million for the Big O in 2012) to be US Ambassador to Argentina, but they clearly overlooked two advantages that show why Mamet was uniquely qualified for the job and thus there was no corruption. First of all, Mamet had the advantage of never having been to Argentina or South America, so he was starting with a blank slate, unlike other candidates who came with pre-conceptions and an over-understanding of regional history. Secondly, since he didn’t speak any Spanish when he got here, he has not been as easily distracted by the locals (who let’s face it, can really blab your ear off). He can thus better focus on his job.

I’m sure those other donors on the list are just as uniquely qualified. Sounds legit.".

Grifters gotta grift:  "Allegations of Fraud Surface Over “One Time” Donations to Hillary that Occur Repeatedly".  I'm reminded that they've never really nailed down how much loot Hil and Bill lifted from the White House on their way out.

"The Existential Madness of Putin-Bashing" (Parry).  Those few of us in the know can easily identify yet another Jewish story, the only explanation for otherwise baffling American official behavior against American self-interest.

"Billions in Taxpayer Money to Israel: How the NYT Hides Unsavory Facts from View".

"Arson of Orlando Mosque".  Money must be tight - usually they hire a goy for this kind of work.

"UC Berkeley Axes ‘Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis’ Course".

Tweet (David Sheen):
"Synagogue stabbing: In Jewish-only WB settlement, 1 Jew stabbed another Jew because “he believed he was a Christian”".

"The U.S. Bars Christian, Not Muslim, Refugees From Syria" by Elliott Abrams.  Curious how certain kinds of hate speech by a certain kind of people are allowed.  "The religious bigotry and ignorance of Elliott Abrams: about the minuscule number of Syrian refugees in the US".

"Pizza and Vodka Secrets Coming Out" by Israel Shamir.
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