Monday, September 19, 2016

Guess the meds

"Leaked: Source Reveals Coordination between US, ISIS in Attacking Syrian Army".  "US airstrikes on Syrian airbase intentional, says aide to Assad".

"Deir al-Zor: Was it really an accident?":
"Could it have been a real targeting error?  Yes.  People here on SST who have participated in air targeting know how easy it is to make a mistake.  But, there are some unusual things about this "error."  The SAA has been occupying these positions for six months or so.  Presumably US imagery and SIGINT analysts have been looking at them all that time and producing map overlays that show who is where in detail.  These documents would be widely available especially to air units and their targeteers.  US coalition led air has not struck previously in the Deir al-Zor area.  Why now?  Were they asked to strike?   The US does not talk to the Syrian government.  How would they have been asked?  Who would have designated the targets?  They struck in the presence of SAA troops without any ground liaison?  And what of the timing two days before the US-Russian deal was to be expanded into active cooperation?
And then there is the performance of Ambassador Samantha Power at the UN last night and today.  Last night she threw a hissy fit for the cameras outside the chamber in which the Security Council was meeting.  She seemed outraged to have had her Saturday Night interrupted for something as trivial as the Deir al-Zor attacks.  One can envisage her snuggled up with a good book in her apartment in the Waldorf Towers only to be be ripped away for this meeting.  And then, today she made a longer statement on Tee Vee in which she first expressed the regret of the US government for the devastation we had wrought, and then set forth her bill of particulars against the Syrian government, a statement so fulsome in its loaded up R2P/Borgist assertions (routine Chemical attacks on THE PEOPLE, etc.) that it is obvious that for her the SAA are as much the enemy as IS.  I conclude that she must think that bombing the evil SAA was a good thing.  She does not exist in a vacuum.  SECDEF Carter is a thoroughgoing  Russophobe.  General Votel, the US commander in Iraq and eastern Syria has expressed doubt about the wisdom of cooperating with the Russians.
IMO it is an open question as to whether these air strikes on the SAA were accidental."

"Samantha Power walks out during UN Russian speech over US bombing of Syrian army":  "This is an unprecedented contempt".  Or you could just call it utter incompetence at diplomacy.  We've recently seen the United States paying a price for this (China, Philippines).

"Russia to Samantha Power: We ain’t got time for political whores—go away".  Correctly tying the bizarre undiplomatic aggressiveness to World Jewry.

"CNN Edits Out Hillary's Reference To NYC Explosion As "Bombing"".  I imagine it is now a game in medical schools to try to guess what medication is causing each day's side effects.

"Clinton’s Basket of “Deplorables”" by Glen Ford.

"Florida mosque arsonist shared extreme pro-Israel propaganda"
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