Wednesday, September 21, 2016


"What happened to the Red Crescent convoy?".

"Deir Ezzor Attack Enables The "Salafist Principality" As Foreseen In The 2012 DIA Analysis".  It all leads back to Yinon.

"House Committee Demands Interview With "Oh Shit" Guy By Friday At Noon Over Reddit Thread":
"Clearly, this is a potentially extremely embarrassing issue for the FBI if a random analyst was able to uncover relevant facts regarding Hillary's email scandal that were seemingly hiding in plain sight while somehow evading the FBI's "thorough" investigation.  The only question now is how FBI Director Comey chooses to handle the embarrassment.  We see two potential paths, including: 1) pursue Combetta for potentially excluding relevant disclosures during his FBI interview process or 2) bury the story as quickly as possible in an effort to save face."
"With Trump Regaining North Carolina Lead, Hillary Unexpectedly Postpones Local Fundraiser "Without Reason"".  Now the eyes.  And toes.  The new term for those who notice the Weekend at Bernie's stunts of the Clintonistas is 'healthers'.

"The Courtiers and the Tyrants".

"New Economic Study Indicates EU-Canada Trade Deal Will Cause 'Unemployment, Inequality And Welfare Losses'".  We probably should stop being shocked by this.
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