Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Random history in the era of Trump (while Hillary has a semi-secret fit):  "A Buried Coup D’état In The United States".

Latest diagnosis:  rabies!

"Washington Post - Mocking Conspiracy Theories While Creating Their Own".

"Hillary's Health: NBC Asks 9 Unanswered Questions".

"It's Time To Bring Back Bernie".  But they'll use Biden and not Bernie if their Weekend at Bernie's fails.

"Screw Loose Change respond to Jones et al".  You might want to ask yourself why there isn't more like this, why the palpable nonsense of the truthers goes completely unchallenged.  I know why.  There is no advantage to common sense.  Why take on the crazies and the stupids when it won't make any practical difference?  The waters are permanently muddied, just as the rulers want.

"Obama’s Ungraceful Exit from Air Force One, America’s Ungraceful Exit from Asia".  Like Biden's insulting greeting in Turkey.  Susan Rice lost her mind at the effrontery.

Meanwhile, prepping for the reign of Hillary (whose strong hand on those nuclear codes will be impressive if she isn't having her daily fit):  "Armageddon on the Steppe? - TTG".

"Pentagon And CIA At War In Syria" (Margolis).

Not a good sign:  "Former CIA Director To Bill Clinton Now An Adviser To Donald Trump".

"Images of starving Yemeni child reduced to bone surfaces on social media".

"Pro-Israel donor suspended by Labour".  "Corbyn investigating claims leadership contest is being rigged".

This is the kind of thing that gets Atzmon in trouble with the SJWs and those who try to piggyback on that sort of thinking:  "Is Bibi A Lizard?".

For the OED editors:  "I know Pepe and I know KEK but why is Pepe being called KEK?".

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