Saturday, September 24, 2016

Stirring endorsement

Unfortunately Corbyn is too nice a guy to do what he should do, a process involving guillotines and firing squads, but he should at least restore the purged real Labour loyalists.  It is curious that we are seeing the exact same extremely heavy partisan (((media))) participation in the attempted Corbyn coup and the American Presidential election, and in both cases sheer visceral (and justified) hatred of the (((media))) means their attempt at manipulation backfires.  Also, huge involvement by a (((particular identifiable group))), making the vote a referendum on whether people consent to be slaves to the echo.

"When Nation magazine covers the Syrian war: Syrian writers against US and Russian military intervention in Syria".  The Nation has long been nothing more than a Zionist joke, and of course the bigger picture is that Zionist control of 'progressive' media destroys any credibility such media might have.

"The US road map to balkanize Syria" (Escobar).  But obviously Yinon, not the hydrocarbon obfuscation.

"Charlotte Riots Show Hallmarks Of George Soros Operation".  "How “The Syrian Campaign” Faked Its “70% Fleeing Assad” Refugee Poll".  I like to group similar things together.

"ANOTHER KNOWN WOLF? NYC Bombing Suspect Probed by FBI, Leading to Bigger Questions".  A nap in a doorway.

Tweet (WikiLeaks) (I wonder who the redacted 'journalist'/traitor is):
"New FBI-Clinton doc shows that State Dept was tipped off about WikiLeaks publications by "media" and managed to frequently censor stories."

"Why is Clinton using Trump to promote Republicans?".  Due entirely to Clinton personal power grasping, the Democrats could end up with Clinton losing and a net loss of Congressional seats.

"How Reddit Ruined The Hillary Clinton Campaign".

It is interesting that the Clintonistas are holding a whole country hostage on the issue of Supreme Court judicial picks.  That's their entire case for Clinton, and you have to know she'll pick just as badly as Trump!

Ecuadorian anti-corruption plebiscite which should be copied everywhere.

The alt-right on Parliament Hill in Ottawa:  "Did anyone go to this event Lmao".  "#CandlesOutForHarambe".

Tweet (Bobby Big Wheel) (in case the joke is too obscure, the style mimics Zodiac Killer cyphers):
"A stirring endorsement from Ted Cruz".

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