Sunday, September 25, 2016

The list is never complete

"The War Against the Assad Regime Is Not a ‘Pipeline War’".  Rare truth, but even Porter has to obfuscate to remain respectable.  The credentialed classes deem it acceptable to blame the 'Pentagon' (and note this degree of comfort goes back to noamian propaganda), even though there is never any explanation for why the 'Pentagon' would care, rather than calling all these wars what they are, Wars For The Jews.  Nevertheless, it is good to read a hard evidence utter refutation of the Wars For Oil (or Gas) nonsense.

By the way, as obscure and impossible to find as the truth is, I think the 'millennials' get it, they know somehow that their lives are fucked - really, really fucked - directly as a result of the Wars For The Jews.  Thus no love for warmonger Hil.

"Syria - Conflicting Reports, Dubious Witnesses Challenge Convoy Attack Case".  "Attack on Humanitarian Convoy in Syria, Used by US as a “Propaganda” Tool".  The inevitable post-atrocity propaganda mills are in full operation.  Note how false-flaggy it is - either you or your proxies commit the atrocity, then blame the other side to attempt to get a no-fly zone so your proxies can operate without interference from Russian or Syrian air forces.  Remember no-fly zone is the Jewish prayer, and has been throughout.

"Hillary’s Secret ‘Ideas for Regime Change’ Program Gave Rise to Arab Spring".  Jared Cohen (Sweet Jesus:  "As a graduate student, Jared Cohen wangled a visa to Iran, where he hung out at Internet cafés and house parties fueled by bathtub gin. From there his journeys took him to beach parties in Lebanon, Palestinian refugee camps, raves in Syria organized using Bluetooth and other places not usually frequented by nice Jewish boys from the Connecticut suburbs."!), the guy who runs the political division of Google.

"The Deep State's Candidate?" (my emphasis in red):
"Though millions of Muslims have been systematically killed, maimed or made homeless by the US/Israel axis, Muslims are relentless depicted as crazed killers or out-of-control rapists. In February, there was a report of 51 Middle Eastern sexual molesters being beaten up in Murmansk, Russia. After checking the Russian press, Jonathan Revusky emailed me, “Think about what was being claimed. 51 refugees getting their asses kicked by… well… presumably at least as many Russians, so 100+ people in a massive brawl, right? This is the claim, and it’s getting echoed in the echo chamber and the local cops, who never heard of any such thing happening, they go to the place, look at the CCTV footage, interview people and AFFIRM/ATTEST/CERTIFY that this shit never happened […] The biggest single take-away from all of this sort of thing is that there is a massive propaganda effort underway to vilify Muslims. There really are these people who are paid, probably six-figure salaries, to just sit around and make up calumnies. […] Not only do these people (we know who they are, the Zio bastards basically) have probably millions of dollars to spread this stuff, but they also have a pretty good understanding of mass psychology, how to propagate myths, like urban legends.”"
"Iceland's capital bans all Israeli products".

"Complete List of Tumblr Genders (SO FAR)".

Conspiracy theory:  "How Theresa torpedoed Cameron and Boris Johnson said Leave would LOSE: Explosive new book by No10 spin chief reveals the inside story of Brexit".  Was this May's way to get Cameron's job?  Was Boris in on it?

"The investigators have not determined conclusively that the Shadow Brokers group is affiliated with the Russian government, but that is the presumption, said one of the people familiar with the probe and a fifth person."  'A fifth person' is a new, and particularly clumsy, judymillerism.  Why does Rothschild separate the four anonymous propagandist sources from the fifth?
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