Friday, September 02, 2016

The wiener of Carlos Danger

"Turkey and Russia, a new reality".  This sounds about right, including the potential cheating attempts.

"The ultimate 21st century choice; OBOR or war".  China rising, versus the dead-ender neocons.

"New Hillary Emails Expose Bill Pushing Meetings With Foundation Donors, Requests For "Diplomatic Passports"".  Americans are getting a daily slow-drip of proof of massive corruption in every possible way you can be corrupt.

Managing the rubes:  "Latest Guccifer Leak Reveals What Democrats Really Think Of Black Lives Matter".

World Hero Guccifer 1.0 hasn't been forgotten, or forgiven:  "Romanian hacker 'Guccifer' sentenced to 52 months in U.S. prison".

"Public Relations Firm Claims to Have Ghost Written Thousands of Op-Eds in Major U.S. Newspapers".

"US court throws out $655 million verdict against Palestinian Authority".  Note the details - this is an inter-Jewish battle over management of the Palestinians.

All the old tricks have stopped working:  "Nigel Farage Warns "The Establishment Is Losing Control Over The People"".

Inevitable:  "The Case for the Breakup of the Ukraine".

"Soros Ran US Foreign Policy on Post-Coup Ukraine" (Madsen).  Kharzarocracy news.

'Insensitive'!:  "Penn State to honor late coach Paterno five years after scandal".  Here's a thread on the (probably) voluntary disappearance of Ray Gricar, increasingly being connected to the scandal.

What's Shmuley doing these days?  This is hilarious (and note that it is all about the wiener of Carlos Danger, who appears to have been set up in a scheme that benefits Clinton, not Trump!):  "Pamela Anderson Is Really Against Porn Now".
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