Monday, September 26, 2016

Turning point

"American Pravda: The Destruction of TWA Flight 800".  An excellent example of political cover-up and attacks on those who resist, who are called 'conspiracy nuts'.

"Bellingcat proves the Russians didn't do it."  "Another Kerry Rush to Judgment on Syria" (Parry).

"As the Syrian Ceasefire Collapses".  It was always just an attempt to slow down the de-terrorizing coalition long enough to get WWIII Hillary in office.

"Israel wants Syria destroyed as presaged by the Oded Yinon plan".

"Jordanian Academic Murdered for his Mockery of ISIS and his Support of Syria".

"CANADA: NDP Supporting White Helmets for Nobel Prize is a Serious Mistake! ~ Open Letter Written by John Ryan".  Tragically, and probably fatally, marred by swallowing the debunked pipeline thesis.  Facts matter.

"Things are bad, but I would posit that they have been this way for as far back into American history as you want to go. What has changed is the amount of information available to the average citizen. Thanks to cellphones and people employing social networking to spread news quickly, what goes on minute to minute has crossed the line into overload."

"Its Policy towards Haiti is a Shameful Episode in Canada’s Recent History".  All the grifters see Haiti as the biggest mark.

"A Turning Point in the US Presidential Campaign. What Happened?".  Trump is winning based on policy pronouncements, and the official Democrat response is no more than calling him names.  He should ignore Hillary in the debate and just keep pounding on his 100% winning formula, isolationism.

"81% of Americans oppose the $38 billion military gift to Israel".

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