Friday, October 14, 2016

A variety of interesting things

"France's Hollande Reveals "Tsipras Wanted To Print Drachmas In Russia"".

Since they won't give it to another American for years, they've essentially proclaimed that Bob Dylan is a better poet than John Ashbery, which is hilarious:
"For me the real news in this year’s announcement is that the Swedish Academy has again passed John Ashbery by. He’s now eighty-nine."
"Did Bob Dylan win the Nobel Prize in literature for this poem?".

"Snowden director Oliver Stone asks 'how many Muslim countries has Obama bombed?' in scathing criticism".

"The Republicans Have Been Trumped".  Good up to the point of accepting the credentialed class understanding that Trump is unelectable.

"Illegality, Ignorance, and Imperialism (and the Need for Revolution)".  There is evidence The Deplorables are better informed than bogus (((media))) polls would have you believe.  After all, our complete understanding of American sociology, the 'facts', depends entirely on what the (((credentialed classes))) and (((media))) tell us, and we all know that these (((groups))) are both utterly incompetent and highly prone to outright lying to promote their group supremacist agenda.

"My 1992 Prediction That the Clinton Presidency Would be Threatened by a Sexual Harassment Scandal".

Topical loss of state sovereignty:  "Ontario taxpayers on hook for $25 million over stalled wind power project".

It is funny how often a theory that credentialed experts take years to develop is common knowledge among the people whose opinions are never sought (which also applies to 'conspiracy theories'):  "Chance Encounter Provides Possible Explanation for Maura Murray's Disappearance".

"Brazil: The Altamira region's Environment Secretary is murdered".  "Significant deforestation in Brazilian Amazon goes undetected, study finds".

"Iraq attack shows deadly potential of 'off-the-shelf' drones".  We're all going to pay a massive price for Zio-American coddling of real terrorists.

Tweet (‏ܢܘܪܢ):
"I wish I could be a privileged white American woman so I wouldn't have to worry about Clinton's bombs raining down on my people."
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