Thursday, October 13, 2016

Invite mockery

"Hacked Emails Show Hillary Clinton Repeatedly Praised Wal-Mart in Paid Speeches".

"Dictatorships are good for Israel: ask Hillary".

"A Clinton Foundation Moment: "Unless The Saudi Sheikh Gave Us $6 Million, This Sounds Crazy To Do"".

"Leaked emails: Lobbyist warned Hillary’s campaign chair about 9/11 lawsuit against Clinton Foundation donor Saudi Arabia".

"US Election 2016: Catholic outcry at Clinton aide's email".

"Leaked Doc Shows Hillary Revealed Classified Info About Bin Laden During Paid Speech".

"Wikileaks Dump Provides More Evidence of Clinton Camp and State Dept. Cozy Coordination Over Emails".

"Revealed: Clinton campaign caught collaborating with DNC to minimize Bernie Sanders in debates".  When these exact points were raised at the time by Sanders supporters they were described as nutty conspiracy theorists.

"Thanks to all for the feedback. This is indeed a hard balance to strike, since we don't want to invite mockery for being too enthusiastically opposed to a deal she once championed, or over-claiming how bad it is, since it's a very close call on the merits."  "This draft assumes that she's ultimately going to support both TPA and TPP".

The funniest thing about Clinton is that she has consistently conspired at the highest levels to ruin the lives of her most fervent supporters, lies about it, and always gets a pass:  "Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Knew She Didn’t Tell The Truth About A Major Wall Street Vote".

"And the Clintons won't forget what their friends have done for them.".

"RUMBLINGS: Top Paul Ryan Advisor Leaked Trump Sex Talk Tape to WaPo (Updated)".  "10 Signs That An All-Out Attempt Is Being Made To Sabotage The Trump Campaign".  "By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Lose Your Empire".

"Donald Trump Says US should Work with Russia against ISIS in Syria. Trump at Odds with his VP Pick Mike Pence".  Trump is fairly consistent in being right on the huge issues; Clinton is always dangerously wrong.  "Hillary Clinton’s axis of evil" (Escobar).  "Time To Pay Attention — In The Last 48 Hours, Humanity Just Moved To The Brink Of World War".

"Apocalypse Hillary".  Lousy advice if you really want to stop the apocalypse.

"FBI Confirms Investigation Of Clinton "Cyber Intrusion" As Podesta Goes On The Offensive".

"Brazil: The Billion Dollar Coup" (Petras).  The gold standard of banksterism.

"Ex-Israeli Prison Guard and Iraq Attaq Advocate Jeffrey Goldberg Named Editor of "The Atlantic"".  "Atlantic’s New Editor Was IDF Prison Guard, Beat Palestinians".  Lynndie England is going to be the next editor of the New Yorker.

"The "Salafist Principality" - ISIS Paid Off To Leave Mosul, Take Deir Ezzor?"

"US, Saudis to grant 9,000 ISIS fighters free passage from Iraqi Mosul to Syria – source".  ?

"US Goes to War with Houthis in Yemen (Openly)".  "State Department Asked What Is Difference Between Yemen And Syria Bombings, Awkward Moment Follows".

"Putin's Deal for Erdogan: Turkish Stream, Syria, and something else...".

"Hollande’s Attempt to Score Political Points by Talking with Putin was Derailed by Washington".  Hollande has no self respect whatsoever.  "François Hollande’s last, lonely months at the Élysée".

Comment by Donald in Naked Capitalism:
"That Kofman piece on the strategic implosion in Syria is a member of a genre that needs a name– one where the writer accepts the basic premises of American exceptionalism and good intentions and the utter immorality of our enemies, but doesn’t want us to be too stupid in our policy responses. Maybe this is how you have to think if you want your arguments to be heard by the Serious People. In this case you have the noble Americans wanting democracy vs the amoral Russians who kill off the ” moderate” rebels. His point is that the Russians didn’ t deliberately plan all that has happened, but he leaves the basicpropaganda framework of good vs evil in place, just wanting us to be more sophisticated about it.

Not that I want the opposite sort of propaganda where the Assad is some sort of hero. It’s just that 90 percent of what I read about Syria seems so childish– people need their good guy vs bad guy narratives."

"Obscured American: B.B. the Bartender".
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