Monday, October 03, 2016

Security concerns

"Propaganda Techniques of Empire" (Petras).

"The US military gave Bell Pottinger $540m to run 'covert' Iraq war PR propoganda campaign".  "Pentagon paid firm millions of dollars to create false flag".  "Special Interests Create The "Good", The "Bad" And The "Compelling" Story - The Media Tell It".

"CYBER Hustlers".

"The New York Times and Trump’s Taxes: Another Marker on the End of Journalism".

"How Far Are We from War with Russia Over Syria?" (Margolis).

Tweet (Sam Hyde):
"when we win, do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny"
Tweet (Jordan Hello World):
""You don't have to be a basement dweller playing video games. You can die for me in a trench somewhere in East Europe.Wouldn't that be fun?""

Most Americans don't seem to realize how much Bill's welfare 'reform' fits into Hillary's Goldwateresque world view.  The 'progressives' who are hell bent to support her should realize the ultimate irony is that her victory will be the victory denied to Barry Goldwater in 1964.   Trump's slogan should be:  "In your guts, you know she's nuts".

"Whitewashing Hillary: When Lena Dunham and Her Celebrity Ilk Become Dangerous".

"Librarian Defends Patron’s Free Speech, Is Brutally Arrested in Library Where He Works".

"Salvadoran judge reopens case of El Mozote massacre".

"The Jewish Origins of the Open Borders Movement".

More work for the makers of dictionaries, based on an attempt at defeating Google mind-control/censorship:  "Evil Alt-Right Nazi Code Finally Revealed!".

"Reports WikiLeaks Founder’s Major Announcement on Wednesday Will Finish Hillary Clinton".  "‘October Surprise’? Wikileaks’ Assange Plans Tuesday Video Appearance After First Canceling Due to ‘Security Concerns’".

Solid Escobar:  "Wall Street: The Trump-China missing link".

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