Monday, October 31, 2016

Shopping mall spies

"Unprincipled WaPo Editors Damned Comey Critics - Now Join Them".  "James Comey, American Hero?".  It is amusing how Comey went from the very model of a principled civil servant, when he followed Lynch's instructions obtained from Bill on the tarmac, to a traitor who should be jailed for life for his partisan interference in the Hillary coronation.  It is certain that he fucked up, but the fuck up was his initial decision to let the clearly guilty Hillary off the hook without even an examination of the evidence.

Even Emptywheel goes full Democrat partisan:  "The Story About Judicial Dysfunction Behind The Comey Whiplash" (continuing the theme that this election has been extremely enlightening about the American 'left').  It appears Comey's decision was influenced by the face that police other than the FBI had seen some of the emails, forcing his hand to protect the reputation of the FBI if any of these emails leaked (which would have clearly showed the FBI corruptly protecting Hillary).

"Doug Band To John Podesta: "If This Story Gets Out, We Are Screwed"".

"Montel Williams: NYT reporter threatened to publish my address over Trump story".

Democrat two-facedness about the evil Russians:  "Tax form Indicates Podesta Put Kremlin-Tainted Shares In Daughter’s Company" and "WikiLeaks: Podesta Continued Ties to Russian Firm After He Said He Divested".  Seriously?:  "The FBI is sitting on 'explosive' information regarding Donald Trump and Russia, top Democrat asserts".

"Russia or the Neocons: Who endangers American democracy?".

"American Dream, Revisited" (Escobar).

Google:  "They are donating the Google plane for the Africa trip" and "Leaked Email Reveals Google Chairman Wanted To Be Clinton Campaign’s ‘Head Outside Advisor’".

"New Evidence Links Voting Machines And Clinton Foundation".

"Clinton Manager Robby Mook Lied About Bob Creamer Relationship, Podesta Emails Reveal".  All the actual intimidating violence we're seeing is coming from the Hillary side.  It is a Gladio playbook.

You just have to laugh:  "The end of the Islamic State will make the Middle East worse".

"Conflict, terrorism in Mideast serving Israel: Larijani".  Yinon.

"Seven World-Historical Achievements of the Iraq Invasion of 2003" (Leupp).

"The De Facto US/Al Qaeda Alliance" (Parry).

"The Battle for Mosul: IS' swansong or yet another shapeshifting ? (part 1)" (Bahzad).

"How Britain's party of war gave the green light to Saudi in Yemen":
"Yet more than 100 Labour MPs – not far short of half the Labour Party - defied Corbyn. As a result, Labour’s call for an independent inquiry was defeated by 283 votes to just 193, a majority of 90. But for Labour abstainers and absentees, Corbyn’s motion would have been carried and parliament would have voted for an independent investigation."

Khazar forgery division: "Archaeologists question 'oldest' Hebrew mention of Jerusalem".

More shopping mall spies:  "How Did Trump Overlook This One?".

Electronic Intifada falls victim to the usual Zionist purity test.

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