Sunday, October 23, 2016

Son of a bitch

"Duterte’s China visit a ‘turning point’".

Remember how this happened?  Duterte was shooting the shit at a press conference and called Barry a 'son of a bitch'. The context, of course, is years of colonial exploitation, and the accompanying resentment. What would Nixon have done in a similar situation?  We could have listened to a Nixon tape where Nixon nixonsplained to somebody how these third-world dictators have to play to their base, thrown in a racial epithet to refer to the guy, and said he wouldn't take it personally.  What did Barry do?  No doubt under the influence of his swarm of over-testosteroned yes-men and, particularly, yes-women advisers, he threw a fit and cancelled a scheduled meeting, thus completely embarrassing Duterte.  Soon after, Duterte ends up in Beijing treated with full respect as a world leader, and the rest is history.

This whole incident is so typical of American imperial collapse.  Barry felt dissed, and the US loses its main weapon in its island diplomacy games with China.
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