Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Sycophants or dupes?

"The New York Times Suddenly Embraces International Law To Condemn Russia".  "The NYT’s Neocon ‘Downward Spiral’".

"‘NY Times’ ignores Israeli at heart of NY hedge fund bribery scandal in Africa".  It is funny how Jews are so unlucky that they always end up as the perpetrators of huge financial crimes.

"Official 'Outraged' About Charges After KC Library Arrests".  "Security hired by pro-Israel group arrests questioner at Dennis Ross speech in Kansas City Public Library".

"Sycophants or dupes? Journalists and Haiti".

"From Orwell to Gladwell and Back".

"Under U.S. Proxy Attack Russia Readies For Full War In Syria".  The Americans are so stupid they are forcing the Russians to finish this war.

"Doctors of Death: Syrian doctors in the US and their CIA-ISIS ties".  Syrian-American Medical Society.

Was AIPAC asleep at the wheel in failing to instruct its Congress slaves how to vote?:  "JASTA Opens Many Doors".  Reverse lawfare looms due to what seems to be inattentive drafting.  Will we see a big push to 'fix' the legislation?

"Encyclopedia of Domestic Assassinations (The First 1%)".

"Clinton Foundation Allegedly Hacked Exposing Thousands Of Donor Databases; "Pay To Play" Folder".

News from old-fashioned Canada:  "Trailer Park Boys whisky tones down website to stay on LCBO shelves".
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