Sunday, October 30, 2016


"Social Media Blackout? FBI Emails Are Not 'Trending' On Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed, Or Snapchat".  "Reporters Heckled with "JEW-S-A" Chant".  People get it.

It wasn't the smart phones that allowed people to understand what the police are doing to blacks in America.  Phones with video capability aren't new.  It was the social media that allowed the truth to come out around the blackout of the corrupt Jew-controlled media.  Social media is also the new information source of this American election.  Nobody, including the 'expert' political wranglers, seems to realize this.  It explains how Trump's substantive message gets out despite the fact the media just covers the celebrity junk issues which make Trump look like a mess.

Note that Twitter, mostly uncensored, is in serious risk of disappearing, while the extremely controlled Facebook, with an economic model which makes no sense, is apparently thriving.

It is also abundantly clear that this election has been set up from the beginning to allow for only one rational choice, the most corrupt, dangerous and violent woman in the world, and her group of Jews who intend to start WWIII.  That's where the 'fuck it' vote comes in.   The credentialed 'experts' - you know, the ones who sage advice has led to nothing but disaster - tell you you only have one choice - pick the other!

"Clinton the Victim, FBI-Email Edition".

We have limited information, but this sounds about right:  "A lesson in internet operations? TTG":
"Just a guess, but that "communal" laptop was probably a lot more communal when it was first purchased and the email client set up. It eventually became Wiener's laptop, but the email client was never changed. It probably received every email sent to Abedin's email address from any and all senders including Clinton emails that she thought she deleted. They just sat in the in box unread while Abedin dealt with them on her other devices. She didn't have a clue this was happening.    TTG"

"Clinton’s Policies Look Like a Death Sentence for Americans".  ""We Risk Being Collateral Damage In The Neocon Lust For War"".  No question what is going on here - Jews think WWIII would be 'good for the Jews' and have commandeered the American electoral system in order to achieve it.

With the possibility of Killary being (s)elected by Soros and other warmonger-controlled voting machines, Inauguration Day is a hard de-terrorization deadline:  "Russia Calls Washington’s Bluff, Moves to Finish Syrian War".

"Gaius Publius: Syria Is Another Pipeline War".  We've been over this numerous times - this is vile, pernicious, misleading, Jew-protecting nonsense, exactly the kind of credentialed opinion with its veneer of 'expertise' which is intended to mislead you away from recognizing yet another War For The Jews.

"Erdogan Consolidates His Power" (Shamir):
"So why did Turkey turn to Russia and away from the US, its old senior partner? Mehmet, the editor, ascribes this move to Erdogan’s well-developed self-preservation instinct.

It appears that the American administration decided to ditch the unruly Erdogan some time ago, and install Gülen’s man Ahmet Davutoglu in his stead. A leading American neocon expert on Turkey, Michael Rubin, had demanded Erdogan’s head for quite a while. In March 2016 he called for a coup, in August 2016 he said Erdogan should blame himself for the coup, and now in October he predicted, or rather called for another coup.

The new putsch is expected on November 10 or thereabout, and it will begin with Erdogan’s assassination, it being said. Erdogan considers his partnership with Russia and friendship with Putin give him his only chance to survive politically.

The Americans are upset by Erdogan’s attitude to the Syrian Kurds. The Turkish president cares about preserving Turkey, the rump state of the vast Ottoman empire intact, while the Americans prefer to dismantle Turkey altogether, and create a Great Kurdistan from the mainly Kurd-populated areas of Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

The Americans would like the Syrian Kurds to unite their enclaves, but Erdogan does not agree and actually stopped their offensive."

"Will They Try to Kill Duterte?". Excellent piece on the fine details you won't get from the corrupt 'son of a bitch' mainstream media.

"NATO Warmongering at the Highest Pitch: Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s Recent Book & the 21st Century Colonialism".

There is a lot to think about here:  "Ari Shavit’s humiliating fall from grace: AIPAC, Hillel cancel events in wake of groping story".

"Grassley letter".  Did they get this letter from 'Tarmac' Lynch herself (who tried to block Comey's re-opening)? She should probably end up sharing a cell with Clinton.

There is a theory that Comey's original cover-up of Clinton's mass wrongdoing was overturned by a revolt of honest FBI agents:  "DC Attorney: FBI Never Destroyed Laptops Of Clinton Aides".

"Do you remember when Western media ruled that Lesin was killed by Putin? See link below."

"tfw Anthony Weiner accidentally prevents WWIII by being a pedophile."
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